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When you are not a tea drinker it can be hard to find tea you like. Often, teas have many benefits including lowering risk of heart attacks, reducing caffeine and they also contain antioxidents. Many people believe that the only healthy tea is green, but surprisingly many teas—including herbal tea—have many benefits. Below are some types of teas that are a must try. 


Not surprisingly, chamomile tea helps to reduce stress and is a good drink before nighttime. Because this tea helps one become calm, it improves sleep and helps one to stay calm. Some types of chamomile flavors include citrus, ginger, and mint chamomile tea. 


This type of tea includes lowering blood pressure, betters one’s cholesterol and keeps skin and hair healthy. Some types of rooibos teas include vanilla, caramel, and tiramisu.  


Known to be one of the healthiest types of teas. I would try this tea if you are working to better your physical health like losing weight. This tea is full of antioxidants to boost brain and heart health. Some types of green teas include sencha, matcha and kukicha. 


This type of tea helps to maintain healthy bacterial balance and reduces stomach pain, especially if one drinks it everyday. Some types of black teas include assam, darjeeling, and earl gray. 

Overall benefits of tea: 

  • Boosts mental health 
  • Helps with those who are overweight or obese 
  • Helps to keep one hydrated 
  • Keeps a healthier heart 
  • Improves skin problems 

If you try some of these teas, I am sure you will fall in love with one of them. These teas can be added with as much sugar and milk as you would like. Although, tasting the tea plain is just as good—possibly even better! Whichever teas you choose to try, there will be one you will like. You really cannot go wrong with any of them!

Hannah Le

Emmanuel '24

Hannah Le is a Writing, Editing and Publishing major at Emmanuel College in Boston.