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Dear Junior Year,

You put me through the wringer.

Going into junior year, you were in a different mindset. You were determined to grind out the school year and make “big moves,” despite having a few people doubt your abilities and aspirations.

You made some unlikely friends along the way that brought out the best in you. Academically, you killed it, but you also have yet to learn to cut yourself some slack. You had multiple interviews for internships and nailed one that would end up being the best learning experience and open your eyes to the world of PR. You got the “I wanna be my own boss and do big things” bug.

Bad things come in 3s. Spring semester tested your patience and maturity. Sorry kid, but I think you experienced your first heartbreak. I think you realized you are so much more different than the other girls in this world. They’re the ones that suck, not you.

You also had to battle with your inner demons and accept that you couldn’t be there to support your family, despite knowing everything would eventually work out. You are so used to being there for everyone and putting their stress onto yourself for the benefit of them, which always ends up putting you into some trouble that forces you into a state of anxiety.

You learned that sometimes in life you have to be a little selfish. There are some things that are out of control, Spring semester felt as though that was the never ending cycle. But you persevered. You didn’t take “no” for an answer, because you realized that I am a Behrent and I was not raised to let people step all over me. It’s in my blood.

You became terrified to grow up. Already you felt like an outcast because your goals are different than your peers. But that is not a bad thing. You just want to succeed and make your family proud. You do not want anyone to have to worry about you. You are on a mission to being genuinely happy, even if that means doing so independently.

One of your goals for this semester was to stop wearing so much black. You know what? Who cares if you wear all black and leather on a 70 degree day. You are so weird but you are so authentic. Go you!

You also decided to create a YouTube channel with Hannah and publicly humiliate yourself. But you know what? Who cares if you have the confidence in yourself to be able to just laugh off your flaws and bad jokes. Go you!

You realized that Boston is your home even though you can’t afford this lifestyle just yet. What is meant to be will be. Life sucks, but it’s moments like those that make you grateful for all your achievements. Life will go your way Jame, just keep grinding and smiling.

As for junior year, peace out. Senior year, treat me fairly because home girl needs a break.



Jamie is a senior Communication & Media Studies major with a minor in Graphic Design at Emmanuel College in Boston. Currently she is concentrating her studies in PR and digital media. She serves as the PR Director for the HerCampus Emmanuel chapter.
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