College Life as Told by Andy Dwyer

Though Andy Dwyer seems like he knows the least on Parks and Recreation, he is probably the most relatable character of them all. For this reason, we gathered some of the Andy moments that made you go, "same". 

1. When you get home from a long day of adulting. 

2. When you realize the Freshman Fifteen is real.

3. When you get your first real job.

4. When your stalking on social media reaches new heights. 

5. When you look at your pictures from last night. 

6. When you try to find the little joys in life. 

7. When you look at all your student loan debt. 

8. When you have exams, so you can't be a functioning human being. 

9. When you analyze the current political climate. 

10. And finally, when you aced that test you never studied for. 

College is hard. Andy Dwyer gets it.