Breakfast at Tiffany's is Now a Reality

It finally happened.  You can now eat a real breakfast at the Tiffany’s store in New York City.  All your dreams of being Holly Golightly are coming true!

The iconic scene in which Holly Golightly, played by Audrey Hepburn, ate a croissant and sipped coffee outside Tiffany’s has been a favorite of many since the film’s premiere in 1961.  Tiffany’s is a glamorous luxury jeweler that is known for their blue boxes that scream class and the potential for diamonds.

This fall, Tiffany’s opened a restaurant in their New York City store called the Blue Box Café.  Inside, the furnishing and decor of the café match the iconic blue boxes that hold their wares.

The breakfast is $29 and includes coffee or tea, a croissant with a seasonal fruit side, and a main dish of your choice, whether it be waffles, smoked salmon and bagel stack, avocado toast, or truffle eggs. They also have a lunch menu which is $39 and a “Tiffany Tea” menu at $49.  Considering it is New York City and you are at Tiffany’s, that is a wicked good deal!

So next time you are in New York City grab your black dress and your pearls to go eat breakfast at Tiffany’s!