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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Emmanuel chapter.

It is October 13, 2022. Covid-19 hit America in January of 2020. It has been almost three years and I feel like I dodged a bullet. I have never gotten covid before. Fast forward to today and I have covid. 

I have been stuck in my room for only 3 days and I feel as if I am going crazy. I have mostly been laying in bed for all hours of the day. The only things that are keeping me from getting quarantine depression are my tiny little treats that I do for myself. 

  1. Legos

I have built three lego sets so far and let me tell you how impressed I am. I built a whole entire botanical garden lego set and it is absolutely stunning. This activity had let my mind actually work and think. It actually gave me some time away from binge watching cooking shows on Netflix. 

  1. Monopoly 

Who could have thought that someone could play Monopoly by themselves? Not me, but I figured it out. I was so bored that I played as two different people and guess who won, I did. This game took 3 hours out of the day which was nice. That was 3 hours of me not feeling bored. 

  1. Revisit your childhood

The last thing I thought I would be doing is playing a Justin Bieber board game, but here I am spending most of my time doing that. This shows the amount of boredom that I am faced with. I could be spending my time watching great shows or even catching up with my sleep but instead I am choosing to play a Justin Bieber board game made in 2010. 

  1. Homework

I know this sounds ridiculous but I am thankful that I had homework to do. It took up a lot of my time and it made the long days of quarantine feel shorter. I also could actually focus since I wasn’t getting distracted by anything. All I could do was sit in my room, so why not catch up on some homework? 

I have about three more days of quarantine. Those three will be full of Monopoly games, new Lego sets, acing my homework, and playing some more JB board games, and I am looking forward to it. 

Madeleine Graves-Witherell is a sophomore studying Communications and Media Studies. She recently has worked with multiple social media platforms, specifically Instagram and TikTok in marketing means. Madeleine is an activist for women's rights and social change. When she is not writing, she is listening to Vance Joy on repeat or reciting The Office quotes.