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Book Recommendations For When You Are In A Reading Slump, From Someone Who Just Started Reading Again

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Emmanuel chapter.

As a freshman in college, this year has been dedicated to acclimating to the work, time management, and all of the other new things about college life. I have always loved to read, but it was put on the back burner for most of this year. For 2023, I challenged myself to read 23 books and I’m currently on my 6th book! Here are four books that got me out of my reading slump.

  1. Malibu Rising by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Taylor Jenkins Reid has been so popular on BookTok recently, with Malibu Rising, The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, and Daisy Jones and the Six. My roommate owned this one so it was the first I read out of those major three. It is definitely my favorite on this list!

The novel takes place in 1983, following Nina Riva, world-renowned model and daughter of famous singer Mick Riva. She lives in a stunning home in Malibu, and experiences high-class living with her siblings, Jay, Hud, and Kit. One important part of the family’s life is the annual summer party that Nina puts on at her home, where she invites anyone and everyone in Malibu. This novel consists of many flashbacks from 1956 to 1983. In these flashbacks, we see the not-so-glamorous side of Nina and her siblings’ lives. From alcohol abuse to absent parents, we learn why the characters are the way they are. The novel switches from flashbacks to the day of the 1983 summer party. As the party picks up, drastic events start to unfold. The plot evolves rapidly, and keeps you on your toes the entire read.

If you are longing for a summer read that could take you from your room to the sunny beaches of Malibu, this is definitely the book for you!

  1. Spare by Prince Harry

In a very honest way, Prince Harry discusses events in his life that he has never spoken in-depth about before. Touching on topics such as losing his mother at a young age, drug use in his young adult years, and now the current issues with the royal family regarding him and his family’s safety, he uses respect and dignity to write his life story.

Prince Harry’s memoir was my first book of 2023, and it was fantastic. I know that this is a controversial read, depending on your opinion about the royal family. There have also been jokes on social media about some interesting parts in the book, but it was a very impactful story about his hidden yet non-private life. I am not one for autobiographical books or memoirs, but I really enjoyed this one. If you are indifferent to either side of the royal drama but want to know the tea regardless, this book will definitely reel you in!

  1. The Last Thing He Told Me by Laura Dave

Something that I love to do is go to the public library and pick up a book that I see without knowing anything about it. This was one of those books. I am not one who is always for mystery and thriller, so I went into this book hesitant. However, it was a gripping read with fantastic characters and events that keep you on the edge of your seat.

After Owen Michaels mysteriously disappears, the only piece left of him is a note written to his wife, Hannah Hall, with the words “Protect her.” Hannah knows that “her” is Owen’s daughter, Bailey. Bailey, who wants nothing to do with her step-mother, is now forced to have her as her only parent after her mother’s tragic death as a child. As the book continues, secrets about Owen are uncovered that prompt Hannah and Bailey to travel across the United States to find the truth. As they are trying to find Owen’s past, they realize that they are building a new and unexpected future with each other.

If you love mysteries that leave you as confused as the main character, the book is worth the read. The breakneck plot twists and vivid drama will have you constantly wondering what comes next.

  1. Icebreaker by Hannah Grace

I saw Icebreaker on BookTok once or twice, and then I saw it at Target and I thought that I might as well buy it. It is the most light-hearted book of the four, and was a very quick read. I definitely give it a smut warning though, and if you don’t like smut this may not be the best choice of the four books here.

The book starts with Anastasia Allen, an Olympics bound figure skater at University of California, Maple Hills. It then shifts narration to Nathan Hawkins, captain of the hockey team at the same school. Both of their focuses are staying on the ice to achieve their respective goals. Things take a turn when a facilities mishap causes them to have to share the rink. At first, they both cannot stand each other, but once Anastasia’s skating partner faces an uncertain demise, she needs to ask Nate to take his spot. Their desire for each other starts to develop, and it turns into a great romance story.

It reads as a pretty standard romance novel and never gets too dark or serious, so it is a great beach or outside read. Once I picked it up I read it in two sittings! If you are a fan of enemies to lovers, this book is gonna be awesome for you.

Isabella is a first-year Accounting major and Economics minor at Emmanuel College. She loves finding new music, shopping, and laughing with friends and family.