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Artists to Listen to if You Like Harry Styles’ “As It Was”

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Emmanuel chapter.

Like most Harry Styles fans, I was insanely excited a few weeks ago when Harry’s latest single, “As It Was” was announced and released. In the past, Harry Styles has crossed a few genres from pop to rock to even a bit folksy with tracks such as “Canyon Moon.” However “As It Was” was a complete step into the world of alternative indie pop in a way unlike anything else he had done before. This does not mean it was unlike anything anyone has done before, however, with indie pop being a hugely popular genre in the music world and a genre that I personally love as well. So if you were a fan of this upbeat, synthy sound from Harry’s latest single, here are my top five artists to listen to and add to your playlists!

  1. Dayglow – Dayglow, most prominently consisting of founder and permanent member Sloan Struble, comes to mind first when I think of music with a similar sound to “As It Was.” A lot of the Dayglow discography consists of the same ethereal synth tones and upbeat drums that the latest Harry Styles single has. My personal favorite is “Close to You” from the album Harmony House (2021).
  2. Still Woozy – Still Woozy, the stage name for singer Sven Gamsky, is another huge name in the alternative indie pop world. Though most of his songs are slower tempo than “As It Was,” it features similar musical sounds and has a chilled out vibe that is reminiscent of Harry’s single. He has described his music as ‘unique pieces of ear candy’ with ‘distinct familiarity’ that all aim to create uplifting energy for listeners. Still Woozy is a staple in the alternative indie pop genre and I recommend listening to “Cooks” or “Woopie” from his latest album, If This Isn’t Nice, I Don’t Know What Is (2021).
  3. The Babe Rainbow – Although this band is often categorized as a rock band, their music holds the same playful psychedelic retro vibes that “As It Was” evokes. This band makes the ultimate summer beach day music and I believe all fans of Harry’s latest singer will love the upbeat yet relaxing energy of the songs this band releases. A great addition to any playlist! My favorites are “Something New” and “Love Forever.” 
  4. Boy Pablo – Boy Pablo, the personal project of Nicolas Muñoz, makes a lot of my go-to summer playlist music. The majority of their songs are upbeat and energetic, similar to “As It Was,”, and always get me in the mood to dance along or drive down winding beach roads. I have loved this group for years and they were one of my first introductions to the genre. I recommend listening to “Dance, Baby!” or “hey girl,” off of the album Wachito Rico (2020).
  5. Goth Babe – Goth Babe, the stage name for musician Griff Washburn, an alternative artist who makes music for an ‘outdoorsy and vagabond lifestyle,’ in the past having cited inspiration from older, retro bands which is an easily spotted inspiration for many of Harry’s songs as well. I personally love the song “Sometimes” and think any fan of “As It Was” will feel the same way as well!

Overall, I love Harry’s new single and I am excited to see what other genres his upcoming album will take on. Fingers crossed for more indie pop and folk!

Madyn is a senior at Emmanuel College and studying English with a focus in writing and communications, as well as pursuing an art history minor. She loves all things vintage, Hozier, One Direction, and her cats. She is the 2021-2022 President for the Emmanuel College chapter!