Amazing Audio Books to Finish Off Your Reading Year


Audiobooks are an amazing tool if you love to read but you’re busy as heck. This semester has been hectic, so I haven’t been able to read as much as I like, so audiobooks have been a savior for me. As an avid reader, I’ve listened to my fair share, and here are some ones I think are worth putting on your list.


  1. 1. The Princess Diarist written and narrated by Carrie Fisher ft. Billie Lourd (5 hours and 10 minutes)  

    If you’re at all interested in Star Wars or just overall Hollywood drama, this is a must listen. I popped this on while I was at work and finished it in about 3 hours listening to it on double speed. Carrie is a master storytelling, and it is wonderful listening to her tell the story of her experience filming A New Hope, and how it completely transformed her life. With her daughter reading her old diary entries, it is truly a sweet and sad book that will make you laugh and cry in equal parts.

  2. 2. The Night Circus by Erin Morganstern, Narrated by Jim Dale (13 hours and 40 minutes)  

    This book is wonderfully atmospheric, with descriptions of popcorn and caramel that will make your mouth water, and depictions of magic that will leave you breathless. Jim Dale does an excellent job at bringing this epic fantasy to life, and if you’re a fan of magic and mayhem, this book is an absolute gem.

  3. 3.   To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before Series by Jenny Han, Narrated by Laura Knight Keating (26 hours and 26 minutes for all three)  

    This series is an incredibly cute and wonderfully insightful ride that will have you clutchung your phone to your chest when you finish. It brings about feelings of romcoms gone by, and explores familial bonds in a way many young adult novels do not explore. You will fall in love with Lara Jean and continue to root for her until the very last second.

  4. 4.   Sadie by Courtney Summers, Full Cast Narration  (7 Hours and 57 minutes)  

    Sadie is an emotional rollercoaster that explores extremely dark and disturbing themes with grace and restraint. Sadie is part traditional book and part “true crime” podcast, switching back and forth between the two. With a full cast to explore both the book and podcast elements, this book shines far above the rest. The subject matter can be upsetting at times, so be prepared for that before diving in.

  5. 5. It by Steven King, Narrated by Steven Weber (44 hours and 55 minutes)  

    While this is by far the longest on the list, it is absolutely unmissable. Steven Weber is so talented you will know who is speaking before he even tells you. It’s scary, sad, hopeful, and insightful, expertly narrated and beautifully written. Take the time and savor this masterful achievement of literature.

Before you start to wonder if audiobooks “count” as reading, remember our friends in the blind and visually impared community who are unable to read physical books without learning to read braille. It is important that we do not minimize that experience by discounting a medium for being untraditional, though if you’ve read this far, I’m sure you already know that! Audiobooks are a great tool for people to use if they are able to, and take advantage by listening to these amazing stories on Audible or Libby, a free alternative. 


Happy Reading!