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My first year in college hasn’t been completely normal for obvious reasons. However, entering college is a big adjustment nevertheless, and I felt when I first moved into college a pressure to have a lot of friends and always have plans.  In reality, making friends is hard. We have been isolated for almost a year because of the pandemic, and you might have friends back home that you have known forever and can’t imagine having that relationship with anyone else. Finding those people you connect with might be challenging, or maybe it won’t. My biggest advice is finding people in your classes or living on your floor and asking them to hang out. I also had a white board outside of my room with my social handles for people to reach out. It’s always important to be yourself when making new friends and be honest with yourself of who you want to surround yourself with. It’s okay to meet new people and not automatically feel connected.

I also mentioned the pressures of always going out on the weekends and having fun. It’s essential to take time for yourself and recover from a hard week of school and prepare for the next. Sometimes staying in is the vibe you want for that weekend. However, I would recommend taking advantage of your time in school. Whether your school is in a big city or a small college town, finding a restaurant you like or exploring the area can create memories and enjoy the college experience. This semester went by so fast, and it’s hard to believe I will be a college sophomore. It’s important to embrace the time you have on campus since the four years will go by unbelievably fast.

Besides the aspect of living on campus, it’s essential to not allow your social life to dictate your ability to study and attend class. After all, this is the reason you are here. Although having a social life and having fun is important to enjoying college, going to class is also important. Usually, professors will have a limit to unexcused absences, and you can fail the class. Balancing having friends and making plans with academic responsibilities can be challenging and is one of the struggles I had with moving on campus after being remote for over a year. But keeping yourself accountable and organized with planners and due dates to complete homework are simple tasks to keep you on track with school and your friends!

College is so fun as you begin to gain your own independence and feel like an adult. Although COVID restrictions have caused me to miss the traditional freshman orientation or in person events, I was still able to meet amazing people and join clubs virtually where I was able to connect with other people on campus. Embrace the time you have on campus, and let it be the time to get out of your comfort zone! Good luck Class of 2025!

Sofia Chiarizio

Emmanuel '24

My name is Sofia Chiarizio and I am a freshman at Emmanuel College, intending to major in Biology. In my free time I love to hang out with my friends and family, and watch The Office!
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