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A Rundown of This Season of Bachelor in Paradise

Last week I finished season 7 of Bachelor in Paradise. This season, like all the others, was chaotic, dramatic, hilarious, and controversial. I have picked out a few highlights from this season that I think need to be reviewed: 

Brendan, Pieper, Natasha:

Pieper and Brendan had been previously getting to know each other and going on dates before the filming of this season. Even though they had already found each other, and wanted to continue the relationship, they decided to further their plans on participating in the show. Instead of a potential engagement at the end of the show, their main goal was to increase their followers on social media platforms. Brendan was invited onto the beach at the beginning of the season, so he needed to ‘date’ someone until Pieper came onto the beach. Brendan started talking to Natasha. After everyone else was somewhat coupled up, Natasha and Brendan became a couple. Though they weren’t as obviously together romantically as all the other couples, they were pretty much exclusive. Then rumors were spread around the beach that Brendan was dating Pieper, but he assured everyone that they had only hung out two times and it was never anything serious. After a few weeks on the beach, Pieper arrives and doesn’t attempt to get to know anyone. Pieper puts all her focus on Brendan, which makes the others suspicious of how serious they actually were before coming to paradise. When Natasha pulls Pieper aside to ask her some questions, Pieper tells Natasha that she and Brendan had spent time together at least ten times. The time Brendan and Pieper spent together prior to the show included seeing each other the day before he left for paradise. This immediately ended any relationship between Natasha and Brendan. When they were alone and unaware of being recorded and filmed, Brendan and Pieper admitted to their relationship and bragged about their increase in followers on social platforms. After a week or so of parading their already-formed relationship around the beach, a few other cast members confronted Brendan and asked him to leave the beach. That night Brendan and Pieper both left paradise. This past week they confirmed that they are still seeing each other, and are closer than ever. Personally, my biggest issue with this drama is that it involved a black woman putting down another black woman. The Bachelor franchise famously has lots of racial missteps, and very rarely do they have a season without a racist comment. Though Brendan was the person acting on this plan, Pieper allowed it and encouraged it. It was very upsetting to see two black women, who have made it this far in this franchise, cause the most controversy of the season. Hopefully, this drama will encourage other women of color in Bachelor nation to look out for each other in an already backstabbing community. 

Joe and Serena:

Joe and Serena were the crowd favorite couple of this season. From the first moment of his screen time, Joe said that he was there to meet Serena. During the first episode when she was spending time with other guys he considered going home, but they talked and he decided to stay. They hit a few rough patches, specifically his ex-girlfriend. He and his ex had met and fallen in love in paradise a few seasons prior but decided to end their relationship. Both Joe and his ex, Kendal, had trouble being in the same place that they once had fallen in love with each other. But in the end, they said their goodbyes and Joe was able to continue to pursue a relationship with Serena. Throughout the season, Joe and Serena were the strongest and fastest-progressing couple. In the end, Joe and Serena fell in love and got engaged. I have to admit, Joe and Serena are my favorite couple to come out of the Bachelor franchise. I will also admit that I may have shed a few tears when they said ‘I love you’ to each other and when Joe proposed. 

Aaron and James:

Aaron and James had very little luck maintaining relationships with any of the women that came to the beach. But throughout their paradise experience, a bromance formed. Because they were not spending much time getting serious with women, Aaron and James were always together. In the last episode James decided not to continue his relationship with the woman, Anna, that he was getting to know. Before leaving paradise, James asked Aaron if he would speed up his break up with the woman he was seeing, Tia, and come with James back to San Diego. Though there was no romantic luck for either Aaron or James, they did form a great friendship.

This season of Bachelor in Paradise was even a little more chaotic and dramatic than expected. To go through all the main points of this season would require writing a book. But I feel that these three highlights encapsulated the energy of this season. 

Dora Berensmann

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