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5 Ways to Get Happy in 2017

The start of a new year always feels so refreshing. It’s full of hope, possibility, and renewed dreams. This is a time when many people feel they can make changes in their lives, even though it’s possible all year round. These expectations for change typically revolve around attaining happiness – which is something we can all agree is a desirable resolution for the new year. I’ve shared some of my favorite ways I choose happiness each and every day, starting from the understanding that I cultivate my own reality. Be open to change, and more importantly, believe it can happen. Enjoy!

1. Learn to laugh at yourself

This involves allowing yourself to be vulnerable at times, which can be scary. It has taken me many years to understand perfection isn’t always realistic, especially when it comes to expectations for yourself. You will make mistakes. You will make a fool of yourself. And you will say the wrong things at the wrong times. This is inevitable, but it can also be funny – if you let it.

Learn to accept your downfalls, work to improve them every day, but in the meantime keep a light-hearted outlook on your life. Your friends can easily joke about your unideal dates, clumsy moments, and silly mistakes – so why can’t you? Laugh at yourself; it makes even the most embarrassing situations a little more bearable.

2. Invest in genuine relationships

You know those people who make your heart really happy and support even your wildest ideas? Those are the people you should be surrounding yourself with. They should challenge you but always lift you higher. They should embrace you when you’re feeling down but also celebrate your greatest achievements. These people can be rare to find, in both love and friendship, but they are always worth the wait.

In order to have these people in your life, you too must be genuine and loving towards yourself. If you treat yourself with respect and practice happiness, you will attract others who will do the same. Your time is precious, so why waste it on people who don’t add anything to your life?

3. Get involved in something bigger than yourself

Whether this means stepping out of your comfort zone or dedicating your time to an organization you already love, do it wholeheartedly. Investing your time and energy into something bigger than you gives you a feeling like no other. You’ll end up learning more about yourself, interacting with both frustrating and wonderful people, and hopefully helping society in a unique way.

When you participate in a group larger than you, you gain a different perspective about what you have to offer. You may feel like an ordinary person, but when immersed in larger situations you will see multiple ways in which you can contribute. So, not only are you helping others but you are subtly building your confidence and learning more about your self-worth. Trust that you are a valuable asset to any team and you will be exactly that.

4. Be kind to yourself and others

Once again, I am taking a page out of Ellen Degeneres’s lifestyle. Be kind to one another. This is one of the simplest ways to attract more positivity into your own life while also uplifting the world around you. Smile. Recognize the good in others. Be encouraging. Uplifting others also make you feel good about yourself – it’s a win-win.

Learning to be kind to yourself can be challenging. We’ve been trained to always expect more out of ourselves as opposed to others. Stop being so hard on yourself and simply trust that your hard work will pay off. Love your body. Respect your mind. And continue to seek growth in every new opportunity you take on. That’s one of the best things about life: the ability to learn new things each and every day. Why not learn to love the most important thing in your life – yourself!

5. Be grateful for all that you have

Clearly, I’m very focused on the power of a positive mindset. I have learned being thankful for everything good in your life will help to cultivate even more good things to come. Being thankful for what you have now, while overlooking the bad, will give you what you want in your future. Be grateful for the things in your life, both big and small, that make you smile. Focus on that feeling and believe your future will be even brighter.

This is my mantra for 2017; mastering the ability to shape my own future based on my thoughts. Living your life with a positive outlook benefits everyone around you, especially your future self. It may seem like a wild idea, but trust me, it works if you believe in it.

No matter what you choose to improve this year, make sure you’re doing it with a full heart. Your personal happiness and positive mindset are what will make your life beautiful. Take risks. Expand your mind. Cherish your loved ones. And if anything nothing else, have fun! Enjoy the life you’re living and appreciate where you are now. Cheers to 2017 and all it has in store for us!

Autumn believes in a combination of hard work and magical thinking. True to her Libra ways, she embraces balance in all aspects of life and enjoys connecting with others. Specializing in Marketing Management, she thrives in helping brands build their platforms through authentic and inspiring content. Find more on Instagram: @aduslayy
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