5 Reasons Why Andrew Glouberman is the Ross Geller of Big Mouth

Warning: this article contains spoilers for both Big Mouth and Friends. 

Between Jennifer Aniston breaking the internet with an Instagram post of the Friends cast hanging out and season 3 of Big Mouth’s recent debut on Netflix, it seems like I can’t scroll through my social media feeds without hearing about both shows (but I’m not complaining!). Coincidentally, the more I’ve watched Big Mouth, the more Andrew Glouberman has given me major Ross Geller vibes. After tweeting this opinion, I learned that many people feel the same way. So without further ado, here’s exactly what makes Andrew the Ross Geller of Big Mouth.

#1 They are both Jewish.

There are many scenes in Big Mouth where Andrew is either participating in a Jewish practice or listening to his father make commentary about their faith (like when he said they didn’t wander the desert for 40 years for their Rabi to have three parking spots). And who could forget the Friends episode “The One with the Holiday Armadillo,” where Ross dressed up as the “holiday armadillo” to teach his son Ben about Hanukkah?

#2 They both have crushes on their cousins.

*Barfs.* In the Friends episode “The One with Ross and Monica’s Cousin,” Ross and Monica’s cousin Cassie stayed with Ross while visiting them, but was disgusted and left when he tried to make a move on her. In the Big Mouth episode “Florida,” Andrew and his cousin Cherry are both attracted together and act on it before their family breaks them up. In a later episode, “How to Have an Orgasm,” Andrew also sends her a nude, further upsetting his parents. 

#3 They both have questionable fashion choices. 

In the Friends episode “The One with all the Resolutions,” Ross decides to experiment with leather pants. While on a date, he goes to the bathroom to take them off and cool down, but realizes he is unable to pull them back up, even after trying to ease them on using products he finds in the bathroom. In the Big Mouth episode “My Furry Valentine,” Andrew decides to wear a kangol hat that ends up giving him an allergic reaction and serves as one aspect of his cringey and very unsuccessful pursuit of his crush Missy. 

#4 They both don’t handle the girls they like dating other people well.

When Rachel decides to date Joey in Friends, Ross tries to be cool with it but ends up spiralling. In the episode “The One where Ross is Fine,” he hosts a dinner party with Rachel and Joey, keeps saying he is fine in a squeaky voice, gets too drunk and burns his hands while carrying fajitas without oven mitts. In the Big Mouth episode “My Furry Valentine,” Andrew pushes his ex Missy’s new love interest out of his wheelchair. 

#5 They both have personal accountability issues. 

This is a theme that crosses many episodes. Both Ross and Andrew are constantly absorbed in their own problems, and the more they brought on problems themselves, the more they seem to complain about how they don’t deserve to have them. Every once in a while, a moment of clarity and reflection is sprinkled in, but it’s rare.

Although these characters are undoubtedly irritating, they are also part of great shows that I watch all the time. If you aren’t familiar with one or both of them, I suggest checking them out!