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5 Cool Places with Great Vegan Options In and Around Boston

So, you’re vegan. Or vegetarian. Or dairy free. Or your friend is considering going vegan. And sometimes it’s hard to find places with good options for those vegans out there. Don’t worry. I got you. Here are some awesome places in and around Boston with some killer vegan options!

1. Veggie Galaxy

Photo courtesy of Whitlock Architects

The holy grail of vegan cuisine. This space themed diner in Cambridge serves up diner style food that can all be made vegan. WHAT. The whole restaurant is vegetarian but if you’re a meat eater, you probably won’t even notice. They have everything from sandwiches, to frappes, to pancakes, and egg sandwiches, as well as a whole slew of vegan desserts. You have to check this place out, it’s genuinely one of the best vegan places on the planet.

2. Friendly Toast (chain) Photo courtesy of The Friendly Toast

A really cool diner style mini chain that serves up some serious vegan realness. Vegan nachos??? I’m sorry?? They have every sort of thing you could want while also serving things that your vegetarian and omnivore friends could enjoy. Go give it a try, you won’t be disappointed!

3. Trident Booksellers and Cafe

Photo courtesy of Shelf Awareness

This place is not only quirky and cute, but they have a full menu of breakfast and lunch food they serve all day everyday! You can bring your laptop, do some work, snack on a cup of some vegan cashew chili, and pick out a book. Stay for trivia if you’re really feeling like a fun time.

4. Earls Kitchen + Bar at the Prudential Center Photo courtesy of Vox

This restaurant can be found in the Pru, and has a whole section of their menu dedicated to plant based options. They have vegan tacos, rice bowls, and sushi, as well as a full non vegan menu so you and your non vegan friends can eat together. This place is more upscale, the perfect place for a fancy dinner or a brunch with the ladies. It’s actually where I had my first drink on my 21st, and I’d highly recommend it!

5. by CHLOE (chain)

Photo courtesy of Live Kindly Production

This chain is amazing in that the whole place is completely vegan! They are also extremely aware and sensitive to other allergies, so almost everyone would be able to eat here. They serve everything from smoothie bowls, to pancakes, to meatball subs, to ice cream pops. You’ll never go hungry here, and it’s definitely worth the slightly higher prices.

So please check out these places, even if you’re not sure about the whole vegan thing. You won’t be disappointed!

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