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3 Beauty Gurus to Watch if You’re Trying to get into Makeup

You know all those selfies you see on Instagram? The ones with blinding highlights gracing the high points of every beauty guru’s face. Don’t you pass those selfies and just wish that could be you? Winter is the perfect time to gain some extra makeup skills. Instead of sitting inside during this cold weather watching Netflix, watch a couple makeup tutorials! Here are three beauty gurus who will teach you how to get a snatched look.


1. NikkieTutorials


Source: NikkieTutorials via YouTube

Nikkie is the absolute queen of makeup tutorials. She has a tutorial for every look you can think of. But, be warned she loves a full-coverage look, so it’s not going to be subtle. Nikkie’s channel gained popularity after her video The Power of MAKEUP! was released in 2015. By watching just a couple of her tutorials, Nikkie will teach you how to blend so well you won’t be able to tell how many colors it took to create your avant-garde eyeshadow look.


2. Tati Westbrook


Source: Tati via YouTube

Tati Westbrook reviews every product imaginable. If you’re starting to buy products for your new makeup collection, her channel will be more than helpful. No matter your budget, Tati will have recommendations for you. She has hundreds of videos and you’ll probably get lost in her channel for hours. Also, you will get some really great life advice while you’re learning about what makeup products to buy.


3. James Charles


Source: James Charles via YouTube

James Charles is THE beauty guru. His channel is a mix of a lot of different things. But, if you’re trying to do an extravagant, colorful look, James Charles’ channel is the place. He does tutorials, product reviews, challenges, and much more. Overall, he loves makeup and will make you fall in love with it, too.

These beauty gurus will make you feel like they're you’re friends, and they’re teaching you all about makeup! You’ll learn some great skills to up your makeup game, and all of your friends be asking which highlight you’re wearing. But, more than that, you’ll love keeping up with these MUA’s lives. So, have fun with all your future glowing!

Ashley is a senior studying English Communications and Media Studies at Emmanuel College in Boston. Currently, she acts as the President and Co-Campus Correspondent for the Her Campus Emmanuel chapter. In the past, she acted as the Public Relations Director for the 2017-2018 year. She loves all things PR and in her spare time enjoys watching cute ads on Youtube.
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