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10 Songs I Can’t Get Enough of Right Now

As the weather begins to get cold and gloomy I can’t help but notice my playlist gradually changing from upbeat songs to more chill/indie songs. Recently, these ten songs have been stuck on repeat. 

  1. Trouble by Cage The Elephant
  2. Francis St.by Kyd the Band
  3. Space Song by Beach House
  4. Goodie Bag by Still Woozy
  5. Cancelled by Born Without Bones
  6. It’s Alright by Mother Mother 
  7. Safe and Soundby Christian Leave
  8. Seventeen Going Underby Sam Fender 
  9. Be Nice to Me by The Front Bottoms 
  10. Call my Bluff by 14 Stories 

All of these songs can be found on Spotify and make the perfect main character playlist for a walk around Boston. My only regret is creating this playlist after the Spotify Wrapped came out.

I'm a sophomore at Emmanuel College, located in Boston, majoring in Elementary Education. I'm from Northern New Jersey. I love writing about Movies and Tv Shows, Politics, and Lifestyle articles.
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