Your Non-Traditional Valentine's Day Wardrobe

Ah, Valentine’s Day... the day some love to hate and some love to love. Certainly, not everyone is always in the Valentine’s Day spirit and even if you are, not everyone is loaded with a wardrobe filled with bright pinks and reds. However, there are many subtle ways to express your feelings on the holiday. If you take a more cynical approach to Valentine’s Day or prefer to celebrate in a nontraditional way, then these are some good V-Day looks for you! $19.95

Show your affection for everyone’s true love with this cheeky graphic tee. Who says the affection has to be limited to people?


Forever 21, $12.90

There’s nothing quite like a classic lace top. It’s a subtle way to keep some romance in your outfit, without being too over the top.



Express,  $19.99

Peplum is another classic that adds a flirty spin to an everyday outfit. The white is a great way to incorporate a Valentine’s Day color without being too obvious.



J.Crew, 24.99

If you want just a hint of pink, go with something subtle, like this scarf. Its cotton candy shade is enough to be festive, but not overwhelming., $19.20

Wear these leggings as a nod to what’s one of the busiest times of the year for a florist.  Also a great reminder to anyone who may have forgotten to send flowers to their significant other!