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Xia Rondeau

Major: VMA-Studio TV

Year: Freshman

Hobbies: traveling, traveling, traveling, swimming, traveling, working on my tattoo arm piece, small radio/filming projects!

On campus I’m involved with WERS 88.9 FM News Department and I work at EChannel for Common Agenda!

You can expect “You Are Here” packages at WERS, sometimes anchoring, and if you tune in on Tuesday mornings you’ll hear the George and Tori show the day I’m producing!

In the future I hope to be better with managing extra curricular and class projects–so hopefully more You Are Here endeavors. Also I’d like to get more involved at EChannel in the control room, either calling shots or producing a show.

I’m inspired by non-profit organizations. They work tirelessly, whether it’s boring work or amazing work to make things–BIG things happen and they’re not deterred by projects that they’re not all that interested in. Everything they do adds up to a larger, impact-making goal. That’s what I want to spend my life doing. Also my parents. They’re hugely important in the decisions I make for myself, since they’re both so accomplished in such different fields.

Biggest accomplishment so far at Emerson… Ughhh I want to say the work I’ve done for WERS, but also a 30 page research paper I wrote about the TV show Lost for David Kociemba’s class was pretty boss!

Dream job is overseeing an arts non-profit that gives low-income teens in the inner cities to media and visual arts. Like Arists for Humanity, or a local TV station. Orrrrr producing/shooting for a show like Parts Unknown with Anthony Bourdain. I (fuckin’) love that guy.

I’d want to be Lena Dunham for a day, because let’s be honest, who in the world has a better life than her

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