Why 'Hamilton' is More than Just a Musical

With the highly anticipated arrival of the Hamilton Mixtape quickly approaching, the Broadway sensation Hamilton, written by Lin Manuel Miranda, is once again in the spotlight. However, the musical’s non-stop fame has come with some costs since its original opening back in July 2015. Similar to other musicals that reached obscene levels of fame, such as The Lion King and Wicked, many theater-goers and fans of Broadway have begun to dislike Hamilton due to all of the hype surrounding it. Despite their similar popularity, Hamilton is wildly different from other “basic bandwagon musicals” and it came into our world at a time we desperately needed it. It is important to see what Hamilton truly is; not another big number, one hit wonder musical, but a piece of art that will forever change the way people view history.

Hamilton is not only a musical, but a lesson. A lesson to those who created limitations, boundaries and unfair oppressions throughout history. The choice to cast people of color as the founding fathers allows history to be told from those who never got the chance to be a part of it. Listening to the debates over the early issues of our country told in the style of rap allows us to see our country through different eyes. During a time where the fate of our country could change by a single vote, productions like Hamilton are essential. Miranda’s musical reminds us of the diversity our country is founded on and the unity we are required to share in order to thrive. Although we have come so far from the discrimination and oppression that was common in the time of Alexander Hamilton, it is all too easy to allow ourselves to slip back into that horrific mindset. Without the story of Hamilton being brought into the light, there would be a significant lack of interest and desire to preserve the level of acceptance we are still trying to bring to fruition. So yes, Hamilton is more than just a compilation of harmonies and heartfelt music––it is a call to action for Americans and a reminder of how beautiful things can become if we continue to let them grow. Before writing Hamilton off as another two hour, over-the-top jazz square marathon, listen to the music, see the people, take in the America we live in today and make sure we never go backwards.