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Voting in November: Where, Why, and How

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Emerson chapter.

Election day is just over a week away! Polls will open on Tuesday, November 7 from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.  Municipalities across the nation will vote for city council, school committee, mayor and much more. Check to see if your hometown is voting on November 7. Be sure to cast your votes and have your voice heard!

Why is voting so important?

Voting is a basic exercise of American democracy. Voting allows citizens to directly voice their opinions to their government. Although not all the candidates or motions you vote for will receive the majority, your vote still makes a difference. Voting is especially important during tight races between candidates. 

Voting suppression still happens today. In some areas, voters spend hours in line in all kinds of weather. When others are unable to vote, your vote becomes even more impactful and important. Hopefully, voting is a much smoother process in your area or made easy with mail-in ballots. Fulfill your civic duty!

How can I register to vote?

There are voter registration tables around Emerson almost every week leading up to elections. Be on the lookout for a table! To register, you’ll need a piece of identification and/or a document that proves your address. Plus,you’ll probably get a cookie for registering on campus!

You can also register to vote online, by mail or in-person at local and regional election offices. The deadline to register to vote before the November election is October 28 in Massachusetts.

Where can I vote?

If Emerson College is close to your hometown, find a time to vote on election day. Early voting on a day more convenient to you, like on the weekend, is also a great option. Massachusetts offers early voting from Saturday, October 28 to Friday, November 3 in most cities. Check out iamavoter.com to see the early voting rules in your state and check your voter registration. 

Mail-in voting is a great option if home is much further from Emerson. Application deadlines for mail-in ballots are October 31 in Massachusetts. Your mail-in ballot should be sent to the Student Mail Center at 80 Boylston Street. It is best to mail-in your ballot as early as possible in case of any clerical errors. 

Youth voting is on the rise! Let’s make sure we continue to increase that number. The future of this nation affects young people the most. Make sure your beliefs are represented and your rights are protected. Remember to do your research before voting. And be ready to vote again on March 5 for the Presidential Primary. See you at the polls!

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Madison Lucchesi is a freshman journalism student at Emerson College. She is a writer for WEBN Boston News. During her free time, she enjoys dancing, writing, reading and baking goodies for her loved ones and friends. She has a cat named Kitty. You can find her writing in SPINE, Community Literacy Journal, TeenBlurb Magazine and on Instagram @eclipsingentries.