Using a Reward System During Finals

I have a weird relationship with finals. On one hand, it means the semester is almost over, and break is right around the corner. On the other hand, these assignments/tests are worth a significant amount of points and there is an unusual amount of stress added. If you’re like me, and still need some form of motivation other than “finish with effort and then you get to relax” then here is a method that just may work for you.

I won’t lie, I have a bit of a shopping problem. So this particular reward system is based upon that. However, it is incredibly easy to swap out actual purchases with activities/experiences if that is more your style. Here is how I use a reward system to keep me going during finals.

Now, I am not made of money. I am sure most college students aren’t. That is why there are two ways I approach my system depending where I’m at or what I’m comfortable with financially. Basically, I either use small rewards for each final, or make one big purchase to celebrate finishing finals strong. 

For each final you complete, pick out a small treat for yourself. Maybe it is that super overpriced but amazing smelling body wash from LUSH. Maybe it’s a few fancy soy candles from Anthropologie, or a high quality face mask treatment. I tend to use the small reward system for midterms, but it absolutely works for finals as well.

Or, search the internet for one really big and amazing gift that will motivate you to work hard. Say: if I try my best for these four finals, after the last assignment or test is done, I will treat myself to an extremely large purchase that I have wanted for some amount of time. This could be a new purse, an expensive perfume, maybe food from a fancy restaurant. The point is something that you will feel good about splurging on. If you are not materialistic, try finding experiences you can spend money on (COVID restrictions obvious make this a lot harder). 

At the end of the day, the reward system works with just about anything. The end goal is just to work hard with the knowledge of whatever reward in mind and therefore not get final fatigue and just sort of putter along with no steam. 

Good luck on finals!