Tips For Traveling During Flu and Cold Season

Did you know that more than one in five people who travel on airplanes will suffer from the flu or a cold afterwards? Due to the fact that we’re trapped breathing and sharing a space with hundreds of strangers for several hours, this is not a surprising statistic. However, there are multiple ways you can keep yourself healthy while traveling. 

First off, we have to learn why we often get sick after a plane ride. Well, with the pressurized cabins, the reduction of oxygen, and the lack of humidity in the air on planes, our bodies often get dehydrated. And what happens when we’re dehydrated? We’re more prone to get sick! So, make sure to stay hydrated by either bringing your own water bottle and filling it up at the airport, or buying some drinks at the gate.

Now moving on to our traveling tips; get some rest! Traveling can be stressful and exhausting as you haul your luggage and walk a marathon through the airport. Even just sitting in the plane seats for hours can be physically challenging. If you’re sleep deprived, then your immune system will also be weakened and you’ll be more prone to getting sick, so make sure you get plenty of sleep before or during your flight! 

Next, carry sanitizing wipes! You don’t know who sat before you, they could have had a cold or the flu— , you don’t know! So just bring some wipes and make sure to clean the arm rests, seat buckles, tray tables, the mini tv, or anything else that you may want to touch. It's better to be safe than sorry! Furthermore, wash your hands frequently or at the very least, bring some hand sanitizer! Hand sanitizer is only $1 to 2, and it can make a huge difference. You wouldn't want to waste your trip being miserably sick, so, throughout your flight, just squirt some in your hands whenever you think about it! 

Lastly, health prep! Personally, I make sure I get my flu shot before I do any traveling during the flu and cold season. And these past few years, I haven't gotten sick yet! I also make sure to stock up on vitamin C with the use of Emergen-C powder packets, I simply take one a day for a week before my flight and I find that it really does help boost my immune system! Now, after learning all these tips, I hope that some of these will help prevent you from getting sick. Happy traveling!