Tax Season Splurges

Spring is in the air. Which means sunny days, flowers and foliage, and getting your taxes back! Getting taxes taken out of your paycheck week to week might seem like a bummer, but it’s all worth it come spring when you finally get your taxes back. It’s like an unexpected present! Now that you’ll have a little extra cash hanging around, splurge and treat yourself! Check out our recommendations for tax season splurges.

1. A nice purse… or a killer pair of shoes

Owning a nice, well made, albeit slightly expensive purse is a must at some point in a girl's life. So why not now that you have a little extra cash? Buy a nice bag that will become a staple in your wardrobe for years to come, not something that’s recyclable. This goes for a killer pair of shoes as well. Have you been eyeing those ninety-dollar animal print heels or been in need of a new pair of running shoes for the gym? Spend a little extra and buy yourself a fierce pair of footwear!

2. A trip

I’m not saying go all out and head to the Caribbean, I mean you can if you’d like, but maybe schedule a nice day or weekend trip either by yourself, with some friends or with your s/o. Book a hotel or house by the beach for a weekend this summer, spend the night at Mohegan Sun, make a trip to DC or maybe even a day trip to an amusement park.

3. Spring wardrobe

Spring is in the air so go ahead and splurge on some new items for your spring and summer wardrobe. Buy that cute sundress that you normally wouldn’t waste the money on. Don’t need a new bikini but been eyeing one in the cute little boutique down the street? Get it!

4. The little things

We all amount a list of little things we want over time. Whether they are books we want to read, a movie we’re dying to add to our collection, or a new pair of comfy sweatpants, things start to accumulate in our Amazon wish list. Transfer those items over to your cart and check out!

Tax money is found money. Okay, we worked for it at some point, but it’s been a while. So there’s nothing wrong with spending a little extra this spring when you’re finding a little too!