Summer Survival Kit

Ladies, summer is just a hop, skip, and jump away. Now that the sun is out and we all have more energy to actually look like functioning humans, I have the perfect products to help you out.

Freeman Face Masks

Stock up on these facial masks, because they are magic. After easily removing this mask it made my face feel so fresh and beautiful. It was just what I needed to kick off the start of warm weather. This product gives you an instantly shiny and smooth skin and for such a good bargain!​​

Buxom Plumping Lip Polish

I am not a big fan of lip gloss, but after using this, I am never going back. This shiny product gives your lips the plumping they have been looking for. The color is so natural and gorgeous; everywhere I went I was complimented. It is definitely a must buy.

Schick Facial Touch-Up Kit

I have never relied on a product so much in my life. This eyebrow kit is so simple to use and is so efficient. I love how nicely it helps shape my eyebrows! I also love that it is so portable. Having this kit in my bag for emergencies is what I have wanted my whole life. Now I do not have to avoid harsh lighting to hide the unibrow coming in.

Bed Head Hair Product

Summer weather=frizzy hair. When the humid air starts up, my hair goes nuts. It never wants to cooperate. But, lucky for me, I have these awesome products to help keep my hair tamed and looking good at all temperatures. Make sure to stock up on these this summer, you will not be disappointed. They also smell so good.

Schick Razors and Skintimate Shave Cream

I have the most sensitive legs on planet earth, so I am very careful as to what I use when I shave them, and these products were just what I needed. My legs were so silky and smooth, I just couldn't stop touching my legs! The shaving cream/moisturizer was the perfect combination with these razors. It smells great and makes shaving so much easier and fun!