The Stages of Finals: As Told by Modern Family's Lily

Finals are rough, and sometimes the best laid plans of studying and essay writing fall apart as the week goes on. Check out the six stages of finals, all of which contain optimum sass!

1. You start off focused and motivated, ready to study away.

2. But then you hit a wall.

3. Everything starts to get jumbled in your brain and becomes gibberish. You slowly lose the ability to do work.

4. After every five minutes of work you decide to give yourself a break.

5. You start to get down on yourself.

6. You feel like dying. 

7. You're just over everything, school and studying especially. 

8. Then you say screw it and give up on caring, after all only one more week until summer!

While finals are important, don’t stress too much! Take a deep breath, take a break, and have a snack. Overworking and overwhelming yourself won’t help at all. Just keep the sass strong and you’ll make it through the week, then four months of stress free summer!