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St. Patrick’s Day As Told By Spongebob

Every St. Patrick’s Day is pretty crazy, fun, or at least somewhat eventful.

You wake up in the morning ready to face the world

You wait for your eggs to turn green like how your mom would magically make them when you were younger

People are already out drinking and partying, even if it’s a work day

All of the Irish people are like

You try to get through the day without any chaos or being pinched for not wearing green

People who actually have to go to work on St. Patrick’s Day are like

Companies like Guinness and Jameson are rolling in money from the excessive alcohol consumption

The entire day is one giant party

The day is finally over and people are actually going home and going to bed

The next morning you wake up hungover and extremely dehydrated

And you question the choices you made the day before

But next year you’ll be ready to do it all over again

Katelyn is a senior studying Marketing Communications and Journalism at Emerson College. She is involved with various marketing groups on campus and hopes to work in the entertainment or sports marketing industry. She spent a semester in Valencia, Spain and can be found at a Red Sox or Bruins game more often than not. You can find Katelyn on Twitter at @katelyngearan or @katelyn_gearan.
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