Signs That You're a Psychic

Now that Halloween season has graced our year, it's time we get real about something- the spirit world. Humans have debated this topic for centuries, and more scientific research has been accumulating since paranormal investigation introduced technology that translates physics into meaning. Parents today are more likely to recognize when a child is connecting with ghosts and are more likely to foster that gift. My own grandmother was a secret clairvoyant for fear of being put into a psychiatric ward (granted I learned of this from a medium after she’d passed).

Checking horoscopes, studying palm lines, and sharing ghost stories is fun if not fleeting. But what happens when your day turns from Casper to Paranormal Activity? Certain things just cannot be made up, and that's when we start looking for answers. Below are symptoms and signs that you may have natural psychic abilities. Don’t worry if you do, there’s a little witch in all of us ;)

Physical symptoms:

  1. Crowds give you anxiety

  2. Vivid dreams, sometimes from the viewpoint of someone other than yourself

  3. Cold and warm sensations in your feet and hands that tingle

  4. Headaches

  5. Sudden sensations of falling or a piece of fabric brushing against your skin

  6. Feel a pressure, heat, or heaviness when walking into certain rooms

  7. Wake up frequently during the night

  8. Shoulder and lower back pain

  9. Seasonal affective disorder is on your calendar

  10. Hear a voice calling your name


  1. Had an imaginary friend as a child

  2. Have or have had a fear of the dark

  3. Electrical disturbances in your presence

  4. If you lose an object you suddenly know where it is

  5. Your first impressions normally end up being correct

  6. Your photographs are full of orbs

  7. Babies either immediately smile at you or cannot stop staring

  8. Animals respond positively when meeting you for the first time (even if they are characteristically unfriendly)

  9. Felt the need to contact someone only to find out that something significant happened to them

  10. Strangers like to talk to you about their personal issues

Personality traits:

  1. Empathetic by nature

  2. Great sense of direction

  3. Introverted

  4. You have conversations out loud with animals and sense a response

  5. Can tell when someone is lying

  6. Don’t like to be alone, especially at night

  7. Clutter overwhelms you

  8. You are drawn to historical places

  9. Have a difficult time with boundaries in relationships

  10. Appreciate the beautiful things, especially when in nature

Events that spark psychic abilities:

  1. Loss of a loved one

  2. Traumatic event or injury

  3. Near death experience

  4. Diagnosis or healing of an illness

  5. A move or career change

Signs your abilities are awakening:

  1. You’ve started hanging out with new people

  2. Your eating habits change

  3. Tend to avoid drama

  4. More sensitive to physical things (like the TV is too loud, or silence overwhelms you)

  5. You receive signs that you cannot ignore

Ways to test yourself:

  1. Try automatic writing and see what arrives on your page

  2. Visit an antique store and note how you feel

  3. Journal often

  4. Attempt mediation

  5. Telepathically ask a friend to text you (then convince them that you’re a psychic)

Remember that everyone has a sense of the spirit world, whether we choose to ignore it or not is our choice. I’ve personally found that once I started noticing the signs, my life began to become a whole lot bigger. I also became a loyal advocate of sage ;)