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All nail salons are closed right now, so we don’t really have a choice but to do our nails at home. I’ve been religiously finding inspiration on Instagram and Pinterest, and a cute at-home mani is one of the little pleasures I’ve been indulging in. Here are three of this season’s nail polish “it colors” for the perfect trendy mani.


That gorgeous pale green hue has been all the rage on social media—from accessories to blazers to shoes and, of course, nails. Pistachio is the perfect lively spring color to freshen up your manicure.

Nude or Barely There

Nude or “barely there” colors have become extremely popular, and I’ve been an avid fan. There’s something extremely elegant and classy about this simple look, and it goes perfectly with dainty jewelry.

Deep Red or Cherry Red

I love a classic cherry red, and it seems like all of Instagram has been digging the color, too. Much like the nude nail polish color, cherry red makes for an elegant manicure that screams rich b*tch. Pair with chunky, layered gold rings.

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