Ranked: 'Bob’s Burgers' Thanksgiving Episodes

In a world where Christmas specials are awaited at the beginning of November, Bob’s Burgers has consistently rolled out a quality Thanksgiving episode each year. Here they are, ranked:

4. Dawn of the Peck

Honestly, I had to read a plot summary to remember what this episode was about, or even that it existed. Basically, as in every Thanksgiving episode, the family would rather do anything than spend Thanksgiving with Bob. Come on!!! It’s his favorite holiday and he loves to cook. Even if this episode is number four, it isn’t necessarily bad. Of course, Bob is the real MVP, getting drunk and somehow managing to avoid all the town’s trauma (evil turkeys on the loose? Even though it’s eerily reminiscent to the episode "The Deepening" in season three) as he tries to get to the grocery store and get his ingredients.

3. An Indecent Thanksgiving Proposal

In this episode, Mr. Fishoeder hires the kids and Linda to be his fake family to attract an old flame who only digs married men. Of course, where does the real man of the family end up? Bob ends up playing the role of the hired chef, and spends all evening in the kitchen getting drunk on absinthe, hallucinating about giant talking turkeys, and waiting for his family to drop into the kitchen to complete their Thanksgiving traditions, one by one. Of course, he’s ditched. I really hated the Belchers in this episode. Is it so hard to indulge Bob in one good Thanksgiving (I bet you’re picking up on who my favorite character is)?

The episode has good values and all, yeah yeah, but the best parts are Linda’s song and Fishoeder’s woman grabbing a gun off the wall and shooting everyone (including the poor turkey). It’s a wild ride that will make you thankful for, well, something.

2. Gayle Makin' Bob Sled

I thought I would hate this episode because Gayle (Linda’s sister) is an incredibly frustrating character. However, one of the best conventions of television and film is unlikely pairings. We want to see how two personalities would interact without their middleman, usually Linda, in this situation. And yeah, at this point viewers know that Bob is never going to get the Thanksgiving he wants, but heaven help him if he can’t have one he enjoys. Even if he doesn’t know it.

A bonus? The family cooks Thanksgiving dinner! Usually Bob does all the real work at the restaurant, at home, anywhere. For the first time, he’s the only person not there to cook. Gene, Tina, Louise and Linda take a very clinical, surgical approach to get the turkey perfect. This episode is surprising and hilarious.

1. Turkey in a Can

Why is this the best Thanksgiving episode? Is it because we see a softer, fatherly side of Bob? I guess. Is it all of Bob’s weird attempts to catch the turkey culprit, or Linda and Gayle’s slightly inappropriate song? Possibly. But no, the best part of the episode is the little gem that is the grocery store butcher, who thinks Bob keeps going back to buy more turkeys as an attempt to flirt. We get a flustered Bob who admits he’s “mostly straight” and completely out of this guy’s league, followed by an, “I’ll call you!” I love Bob.

Happy Thanksgiving!