The New Thanksgiving Tradition You Need

As kids in the family grow up, traditions sometimes lose their youthful fun. So when my sister and I were teenagers, bored as can be, we created a more advanced holiday tradition. It involved an old Barbie tennis racquet and expired apples...Racquet Apple was born.

It is recommended to play outside and far enough away from the house (aka not the driveway) so that the splash zone is contained. Trust me, juicy apple chunks are not easy to clean up. The fruit is biodegradable, though.



  1. Buy as many apples as you’d like well ahead of time so that they’re soft enough for Thanksgiving. Remember that the game goes by fast so make sure you have enough for every player.

  2. Buy/ find a cheap badminton or tennis racquet. This will be the designated Racquet Apple hitter as no amount of time or soap will ever clean it. Really.

  3. If you’re feeling salty, this is the best time to grab a sharpie and write things on the apples that frustrate you. Past examples my sister and I wrote included: bills, parking, pants, (insert ex-lover’s name here), or a bad grade. This is the team bonding warm-up.

  4. Find your outdoor location and choose which team will be batting first. (My mother recommends an area where not too many neighbors can see. I will say that one year a passing neighbor asked to join us, so it’s up to you to decide).

  5. Remind the pitcher to announce what’s written on the apple before throwing it.

  6. Duck. Apple pieces will be flying everywhere.

*Please note that this game can be extremely fun, but it does waste food. Happy hitting!