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New Art Gallery ‘Know No Truth’ Takes on Newbury Street

The new art gallery on Newbury Street, Know No Truth, is spicing up the usual pretentious environment that surrounds it – and we absolutely love it. Holding events such as “Satanic Pizza Parties,” the dark art gallery is making its name known throughout Boston.

Not only is the art intriguing, but the painter is also. The self-taught artist, Landon Richmond, incorporates influences from his “turbulent” childhood and his emotional journey through life into his art. From the streets to the stage, Richmond has been through it all.

After abandoning home in Florida in 2008, Richmond began selling his art on the streets of Boston. Richmond explains, “It really broke me out of my shell and I found for the first time I could feel comfortable around people.”

Eventually, the artist made enough to open a gallery on Newbury Street, selling canvas paintings, prints, jewelry, clothing and throw pillows.

Having opened in late August, Know No Truth has been receiving attention from a variety of art enthusiasts. Its location on Newbury serves as prime, residing between the cross streets of Exeter and Fairfield.

Because societal issues are captured within the art, many describe it as “creepy” or “morbid,” but Richmond doesn’t see it this way. He views his works as “dirty, raw and honest.” He says, “I’m trying to reach hope through facing the darkness.”

Richmond plans to continue the success of creating and selling his art. "Every painting is an experiment with unforeseeable results. Through nonstop experimentation, it naturally causes an evolution. Also, it keeps it exciting," he says.

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