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As I’m sitting at home on my bed, one of the things I can thank for always managing to keep me sane through this quarantine is TV. With so much free time on my hands, I’ve decided to take up re-binge-watching some of my favorite shows during grade school and high school that I can hold responsible for the late nights spent watching episode after episode and avoiding homework. In my opinion, there is nothing more entertaining than the relationships, both romantic and friendly, formed over the course of a show’s season. Let’s dive into some of my all-time favorite relationships.

Nathan and Haley – One Tree Hill

One of my favorite shows throughout  eighth grade and early high school was the classic teenage drama show One Tree Hill, and I have found that almost everyone I come into contact with who has watched the show can agree that Nathan and Haley are a power couple. With Haley starting off by tutoring the star of the football team, the relationship evolves romantically throughout the first season. And their son Jamie? The CUTEST. I think One Tree Hill will always be one of my favorite shows and I highly recommend watching it on Hulu now if you haven’t!

Chuck and Sarah – Chuck

It seems like I rarely ever encounter someone who has seen the show Chuck. Chuck, starring Zachary Levi and Yvonne Strahovski, centers around a guy who fixes computers that somehow gets stuck with all of the government’s secrets in his brain. The show follows Chuck helping the CIA and NSA on missions. Throughout the seasons, each episode builds on the relationship between Chuck and Sarah, a CIA agent. What kept me entertained all throughout the show’s five seasons was the way they built up the relationship with hints of flirting and moments coming close to kisses while not focusing the entire show around the two together initially. With Sarah as Chuck’s cover girlfriend, who Chuck immediately falls for, the creators of the show really created one of the cutest relationships that makes the audience want more.

Meredith and Christina – Grey’s Anatomy

What began as a show only moms watched quickly turned into one of the most popular TV shows. Hardly any of my friends have not seen Grey’s Anatomy and during high school, it was extremely popular, with so many students coming to school as Meredith and Christina for Halloween. I think Meredith and Christina have one of the most iconic best friend relationships I have seen on TV, and I can easily admit to many tears shed over the friendship the two surgeons have.


Shawn and Gus – Psych

Since coming home my sister, Mom, and I decided to start rewatching the show Psych since it was on Amazon Prime Video, and it has been one of the best decisions we’ve made. The show revolves around Shawn Spencer played by James Roday, who, with his talents for observation, works on solving cases for the Santa Barbara Police Department as a psychic. With his sidekick and childhood best friend Gus, played by Dulé Hill, each episode takes you on a new adventure. The show never fails to make me laugh and the best friend relationship between Shawn and Gus is a favorite of mine.

Spencer, Aria, Emily and Hannah

Pretty Little Liars was one of my favorite shows in grade school, and it makes me laugh thinking back to eighth grade and how invested my friends and I were in the show. The show, centered around four best friends receiving texts from the mysterious “A” after the death of their friend Alison, escalates in seriousness from stalker texts to deaths throughout the seasons. Each season was quite the rollercoaster of events, but the relationship between the four best friends always amazed me. I loved how close the four were and all of the crazy adventures they would go on. Unfortunately, the show was taken off of Netflix, but will always remain one of my favorite shows from grade school and high school with a best friend group I admired.

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