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My Roommate and I Swapped Wardrobes for a Week

All photos were taken by Abby and Alexis themselves.



Abby: This week the process was more collaborative because we wanted a mix of us picking out which clothes we had always wanted to wear from our roommate’s closet, but also wanted the person who knows their clothes the best to pick some out for their roommate. We also had to make sure that neither of us was uncomfortable or wearing something that didn’t fit right. I think we were able to hit the mark! On Monday, I put Lexi in my green and pleather shirt because I thought the color looked great on her and it had some of her edgy vibe. I paired it with blue jeans to keep it casual enough for class and my black boots finished the look. I actually don’t wear this shirt too often myself and now I totally want to after seeing Lexi in it!

Alexis: The shirt was pretty cute! Honestly, I have two pairs of jeans and both of them are black, so it was different being in a pair of blue jeans for the day. The black boots were a nice touch to finish the look.

Alexis: Honestly, this week proved a bit difficult for me because I was afraid of giving Abby a bunch of options that she didn’t like. I chose this shirt for Abby because I was interested in seeing the look on her. I chose those jeans because I think they’re extremely comfortable, and since they’re really shredded they’re not too hot on warm days.

Abby: I hardly have any ripped jeans so it was fun to wear Lexi’s. The top is in a color I’m obsessed so that was nice as well. I really liked the whole look, complete with black combat boots, but it was kind of strange to see myself in Lexi’s clothes. Something so superficial can really change how you perceive your identity.



Abby: My blue flannel is one of my fall favorites because of how comfy it is and I hoped Lexi would be nice and cozy. I love the neckline on her and how she paired it with one of her necklaces. Black jeans and boots are always a combo Lexi pulls off like no other. I know Lexi doesn’t have any shirts like this, so it’s nice to take the opportunity to change things up!

Alexis: With Abby’s beanie and my glasses on at one point, I nailed the hipster look. The top was really comfy too. Honestly this was the day where I felt most out of my element in terms of wardrobe, even though I was wearing my own jeans. I really loved the outfit, but I just felt really outside of myself, which I guess was kind of the point?

Alexis: I chose this shirt for Abby because I thought the color would look good on her, and because it’s cute and comfortable. The sweater was super cute on her, IMO! The only jeans I own are black, and since she chose black jeans for me too we just wore our own jeans. I love the added edge of the combat boots, too.

Abby: Whenever I see Lexi wear this sweater I’m jealous, so it was an extra special treat to get to wear it; it’s really soft and comfy, not to mention the color is great too. Lexi’s typical looks are usually edgier than mine, so it was fun to find that darker side in my style.  



Abby: My turquoise top was so new I hadn’t even worn it yet, but I thought it would look amazing on Lexi. And I was right! I really like how the neckline adds something to an otherwise plain shirt. At this point in the week, we kind of started mixing wardrobes out of practicality so that we ended integrating each other’s’ wardrobes. I think this actually will help us be more comfortable stealing/borrowing each other’s clothes in the future and merged our two different styles.

Alexis: And on the third day, Abby and Lexi merged their wardrobes. The shirt was simple but really cute, and it was super soft so I was extremely comfortable. I was also wearing my comfiest jeans, so bonus. I would definitely borrow this top from Abby again!

Alexis: I pulled out a couple of short sleeve options, and Abby chose the white t-shirt. I chose the red jeans (hers, not mine) because I thought they would be a nice pop of color with the white shirt. The jacket is also Abby’s. I really loved this outfit on her!

Abby: Strangely enough, I don’t have any white t-shirts. This is a huge gap in my wardrobe staples, so Lexi was kind enough to put this shirt out as one of my options. I enjoyed pairing my own pieces with Lexi’s clothes because, in the future, when we’re not doing challenges, this will (hopefully) be how we share clothes.


Abby: We got into the Halloween spirit with these next looks! My navy and gold striped shirt is one of my favorites because it’s well-suited for many different types of weather and it looks just a tad fancier without any effort. I thought it worked well with Lexi’s aesthetic and that it would look great with her ripped jeans. I think I was right!

Alexis: These photos are gems. The shirt was comfy, and I like the ¾ sleeves. I brought maybe one thin long sleeve shirt with me to Emerson this year, so I guess it was a bit of a change from my usual wardrobe. I was also so happy to be back in my fave pair of jeans!

Alexis: I chose this shirt because it’s soft, and it’s cute with the semi-open back. I really loved the look when Abby paired it with her leggings! I also really love her pumpkin pose, and appreciate her going along for the ride when I picked up the big pumpkin and decided to put it in front of my face. Thanks for supporting me in my silly moods, Abby!

Abby: I will always and forever support your silly moods, as long as you support mine! Way back in our first challenge I chose this top for Lexi to wear and I was so happy I got to wear it myself. It was cool to see how we both styled the top differently; Lexi wore the top with jeans and tucked it, while I paired it with leggings. I felt so comfy the entire day and the blue is such a pretty color!


Abby: Lexi had been wanting to wear this dress all week, but I suggested she save it for Friday, the start of the weekend. It looks great on her (but what doesn’t) and I love how she paired it with her jean jacket.With her long hair and long black dress, Lexi could start riding broomsticks any day now. You look amazing!

Alexis: So, apparently these last two days I got really lazy about shoes. Anyway, I knew that at some point this week I wanted to wear this dress, so I’m really happy I got to wear it before the end of the week! This dress was so comfy. It was also super fun twirling around in it or just flapping it around with my hands. I liked how the jacket allowed for a little more shape to be added to the jacket.

Alexis: I pulled out a couple of options, and Abby was between this and a dress I have. I pushed for this one to keep with the witchy vibe we were both hitting this day, considering it’s Halloweekend. I think she looked really nice in this top and her boots and leggings! She should definitely borrow it again in the future!

Abby: I was so into our witch vibe! I totally recommend doing ‘almost-matching’ days with your roommate and/or best friend, so the two of you coordinate, but don’t wear the exact same thing. I felt in sync with Lexi stylistically, but not like we were stepping on each other’s looks. The cut of the top, with one ‘sleeve’ still attached to the body of the shirt, gave the outfit some unique asymmetry. I would totally trust Lexi in all her clothing purchases; she has great style.

Abby McAuliffe is a junior Writing, Literature, and Publishing major. In the future, she hopes to become an editor and science fiction author.
Senior at Emerson College. WLP: Publishing major. Double minoring in Latin American and Latinx Studies, and Marketing Communications. Aspiring managing editor. Bookworm (especially when it comes to YA). Disney Geek. Ravenclaw.
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