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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Emerson chapter.

Attending a small creative arts school in the Northeast, I’ve seen a trend of embroidered flowers popping up on campus. From personal patches on bags, jackets, and hats, to quotable cross-stitching and stitch patterns on jean pockets; this sewing skill is a thrifty addition to the creative’s college budget. Let’s get in the loop! For laymen like me, a loop is that wooden circle that stretches the fabric.

1.) Custom Patches- Add some character to your clothes and advertise what’s important to you.  

2.) Quotable Cross-Stitch- Get your needle in the loop and meditate on what message you want to share. 

3.) Personable Jean Patches- Recycle that old shirt and use it for a pop of pattern behind the tear on your jeans. 

4.) Denim design- Cascading floral embroidery is still in bloom, but a simple design can make an unforgettable impression. 

5.) Useful Repair- College budgets don’t like it when clothes rip, so grab the needle and let your buget RIP!

The best part about this ‘call to needles’ is that we can peacefully add our personal beliefs to what we wear. Thread can be motivational, empowering, and even political. College students have found a way to advertise their individualistic values in an unobtrusive medium: sewing. Sometimes the best way to stitch up social issues is by voicing our hopes for a future society, one where ‘be kind’ isn’t just a fashion choice.  

Hi there! I'm Maddie, an optimistic Literature student from the Midwest offering her two-cents on dime-worthy topics.
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