Meet Julia Tranfaglia

Julia Tranfaglia, a Medway, MA native, always knew she wanted to go into film. Her hobbies, which include film, are also extremely diverse. 

Julia has been playing soccer since a young age. "Soccer is HUGE in Medway," she says. With her dad as her team's coach, Julia worked extremely hard mastering her goalie skills. Theres nothing she loves more to relieve stress than going out in the common with her soccer ball and having a pass with friends.

When shes not playing soccer or directing films, Julia can be found busting a move with the Emerson Dance Company. Dancing in both semesters' EDC shows this year, Julia loves hip-hop and jazz. 

Photography Courtesy of Nick Eaton

Not only is she an extremely productive VMA major, athlete and dancer, but she has mad brownie baking skills as well. If you've ever experienced Julia's cooking, you know that it can't be beat—especially when it comes to her killer brownies. 

"I don't dress my age," she comments on her style consisting of Keds, a floral romper and a classic jean jacket. Always put together, Julia's outfits and elegant hair styles never disappoint.

As for film, Julia has worked on many here at Emerson. "It's my job to make everything look good," she says. The most recent film project that she participated in, "Muse," is premiering soon at Emerson College.