Meet Julia Saukkonen

Emerson College students are proudly known to be “multitaskers.” Julia Saukkonen, a Freshman VMA major, is just that - a skilled, charismatic multitasker. Juggling her sorority events, her job as an editor and post supervisor and her classes, Julia barely finds time to breathe. But she doesn’t complain. Instead, she embraces her schedule with a positive and constructive attitude.

Julia knew that Emerson College was the place for her the day she stepped foot on campus. The Newton, MA native had always looked at Boston as her city, and was excited to finally call a piece of it her own.

“The second I stepped on campus, I knew that it was going to be my home for the next four years,” she said.

So far, Julia has made the most of her first year at Emerson. She recently joined Sigma Pi Theta, a local social sorority offered for on- and off-campus students. Greek life wasn’t always the plan for Julia, but when she found Sigma, she explained, “It seemed like the perfect fit for me.”

In working hard and improving her knowledge during the sorority’s new member education process, she also focused on improving herself.

She explained, “I didn’t trust people as much before I went through the whole new member education process, and I feel like I came out much more trusting on the other end.”

Emerson and Sigma Pi Theta have been perfect fits for Julia. However she also found a place where she could thrive in her major of Visual Media Arts. Meme Boy is an on-campus show that is created, directed, filmed and edited by a team of Emerson students. Julia is proud to be a part of that team as Meme Boy’s editor and post supervisor.

“I work with some other people as an editing team, and then for my job as post supervisor, I go on set and grab the 'dailies' (all the footage) together, to edit.”

Considering her witty and comedic personality, Julia thinks of Meme Boy as another perfect fit. Viewers and workers on the team would undoubtedly agree.

Though she may be busy, Julia never lets stress from daily events get to her. You will often find her in conversation, with a smile on her face. While Julia Saukkonen always gets the job done, it’s guaranteed she will be having fun.