Meet Jon Goldberg

Jon Goldberg

Age? 23

Year? Senior

Major? Communication

Favorite part about Emerson? Basketball team and Fundamentals of Speech Class!!!

What are some of your hobbies? Basketball, coaching basketball, reading, and cooking.

What are your future plans? Become a head basketball coach at the collegian level.

Are you excited for Thanksgiving? Favorite Holiday! Get to eat as much as possible with friends and family and watch football, what can be better?

What is your favorite food to eat during Thanksgiving? Really, anything my mom makes! And I'm claiming she makes the best stuffing in the world!

Relationship status? Single

Biggest turn on? Personality and eyes

Turn off? Arrogance

What would your ideal date be like? I'm pretty open for anything, but I definitely like adventures and trying new things. But if I were back home, in Vermont, going on a hike and having a picnic at the lookout would be ideal.

Panda or koala? This is the toughest question by far, but I'd have to go with Koala. I feel like it would be pretty cool to just have it hang on my arm and chill all day.