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Meet Campus Cutie Gavin Gronenthal

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Emerson chapter.


Name: Gavin Gronenthal


Major: Writing for TV and Film


Year of Graduation: 2016


Hometown: Lawrenceville, New Jersey


Dream job: I hope to write for a TV show, like a sitcom.


Biggest Inspirations: Phil Hartman who’s a really funny old comedian who used to be on “SNL”, Michael Schur who writes for “Parks and Rec”, and Jim Henson.


Favorite movie: “The Dark Knight”, because I’m a big comic book guy, but I also really like “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”, because I think it’s a very funny movie with a surprisingly human story.


Favorite TV shows: “Parks and Rec”, “Archer”, “Seinfeld”, and “Breaking Bad”.


Favorite TV character: Andy Dwyer from “Parks and Rec”.


Hobbies: I like to go to the movies with my friends and go on walks a lot. I like to talk about movies a lot too, and TV, a lot of TV. I also read comic books.


Dream date: A nice lunch, and then we would go for a walk around the Common, and then we could just hang out together for a little bit.


Looks for in a lady: I like people who are inherently nice and have a very good sense of humor. It sounds basic, but it can be harder to find than you think. Very nice hair and I really like smiles. If a woman has a very nice smile, I get easily disarmed.


*Photo courtesy of Maddie Tudor






Erin is a junior at Emerson College studying journalism, publishing, and writing. She comes from southeastern Massachusetts and enjoys reading magazines, getting hooked on new TV shows, traveling, and spending time with her dog. Erin hopes to pursue a career in magazine writing. You can follow her on Twitter at @erin_kayata.
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