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This spring, it’s all about bold makeup trends. After a winter unlike any other in history, we are coming into this spring with intense makeup. Make sure you’re ready to rock this season’s hottest trends with the right tools:


This bronzer by Benefit will make sure you look like you didn’t just come out of one of the most brutal winters on record. Apply it to the hollows of your cheeks and on the bridge of your nose for a fresh faced, sunny look. 

Touch of Purple

Your eyes can be the windows to spring. Dust some purple eyeshadow on and you’ll feel colorful and ready for the new season. Try this shadow by Urban Decay on your lids. 

Distinct Lines

Use a heavy hand with your eyeliner this season. With a bare face, layer on an extreme amount of liquid eyeliner in a pretty shape (cat eyes are always welcome). This eyeliner from Smashbox makes it easy to control your lines.

Ruby Red 

Your lips are the focus this season. All bright shades will work, but the star of this season is a classic red lip. Achieve Marilyn-esque perfection with this lipstick. 

Alexandra is a senior at Emerson College studying writing, literature, and publishing.
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