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Lindsay Lohan: Back and Ready for Action?

You knew the handshake from the Parent Trap. You wished you were Lola from Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen. You wished you could take a ride on Chad Michael Murray’s motorcycle in Freaky Friday. And you’re still quoting Mean Girls. It’s undeniable that while we collegiettes were growing up, Lindsay Lohan was poised to be the face of our generation. Aside from some junior drama with Hilary Duff and Aaron Carter, she was fresh-faced and seemed innocent; she was the red-headed, well-spoken girl next door, and we couldn’t help but root for her continued success.  But then, this happened:

And suddenly, America’s Sweetheart didn’t seem so sweet. She traded her signature red locks for a bleached blond, racked up DUI after DUI and spent seemingly all her time in rehab or making court appearances. When she wasn’t busy defying the law, she engaged in risque photo shoots, a move some speculated was a desperate ploy for money - she famously recreated Marilyn Monroe’s final photo shoot, “The Last Sitting”, fueling rumors that the young starlet was suffering a similar downward spiral as the late Monroe. As time went on, America began to lose faith in Lohan, who was once one of their most promising young stars.

But just this month, Lohan decided to show the world she was ready to turn it all around. Pop culture fanatics everywhere were shocked when it was announced that Lohan would host Saturday Night Live on March 3rd, and her turn as host brought in the second-highest ratings this season. Some claimed the ratings were high because viewers hoped for a trainwreck, and although that may be true, Lindsay Lohan got the greatest PR gift of all from the experience: the support of celebrity insiders. The SNL cast gave her glowing reviews, and essentially helped convince those in the industry that Lohan is ready to work and be professional.

The press junket for the hosting gig lined up with the announcement that Lohan is ready to play Elizabeth Taylor in an upcoming Lifetime biopic, and rumors are swirling that the star will appear in a Muppets sequel. TMZ even reported that she’s under a self-imposed house arrest to ensure she doesn’t get in any more trouble - and her hair is back to its natural red. No matter what your thoughts are on Lohan, you can’t deny that she seems serious about recovering and making a new name for herself in the entertainment industry. And hey, it worked for Robert Downey Jr! I can’t help but root for a good comeback story, so from all of us Mean Girls fans: 4 for you, Lindsay Lohan, you go, Lindsay Lohan!

Image source: ohnotheydidnt

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