If You Like Taylor Swift's 1989, Check Out These Artists

It’s official: Taylor Swift is now a pop star. While many would argue she has held pop star status since she debuted her eponymous album, her latest endeavor in 1989 has solidified her sound as purely pop. Taylor Swift has provided an eclectic taste of influences to create her own voice and what is looking to be the best-selling album of 2014. If you find yourself wanting to listen to music that is similar, here are five artists comparable to Taylor’s new pop sound.

Betty Who 

After I first heard “Welcome to New York” I was immediately drawing comparisons to a lesser known up and coming pop artist: Betty Who. Who’s songs are characterized by upbeat lyrics, blazing synths and catchy choruses that will stay in your head all day, much like many of the songs found on 1989. Perhaps Swift will recruit her as an opening act for her next tour?

Sounds like "Welcome to New York", "Style", "How You Get the Girl"

Imogen Heap

For anyone who knows both these artists, this is an unlikely collaboration. Imogen Heap is known for her eccentric voice and heavily produced electronica music. However, she co-produced "Clean", a wistful and thoughtful song about what it feels like to finally get over a relationship. It’s a weird but beautiful sounding collaboration, showing that for this album Taylor branched out to all areas of pop for ideas. The airy backing vocals, electronic undertones and bell sounds are trademarks of Imogen Heap. While it’s a few steps away from Taylor Swift, fans of the song "Clean" should definitely look into Imogen Heap’s individual albums or her former duo Frou Frou. 

Sounds like "Clean"


The sister group from LA made waves last year with the release of their first album Days Are Gone, which perhaps impacted the way Taylor approached her latest album. They share similar influences, finding much of their inspiration with 80s era music; Taylor has said that she named the album after her birth year because of how much the album emulates the decade's music. The bold new attitude in 1989 is present in all of HAIM’s songs, as confident rock guitars and synthesizers dominate their music.

Sounds like "Blank Space", "Out of the Woods", "I Know Places"


One of the most obvious comparisons, probably because the lead singer Jack Antonoff collaborated with Swift to make three songs on her album. Bleachers' music features an ample amount of synthesizers, electric guitar and a higher amount of layering in production. They don't quite fit into the category of pop, but their songs defintely have the infectious sounding beats and choruses that are present in Top 40 music.

Sounds like "Out of the Woods", "I Wish You Would"

Lana Del Rey

For the more mature sounding songs on the album, many are drawing comparisons to another pop diva: Lana Del Rey. "Wildest Dreams" in particular seems like it was a song Lana could have done herself! The sultry lyrics and intimate sounding vocal techniques are all part of what brought Lana Del Rey to fame. If you’re looking to find music with themes of wild romance and life in the spotlight, give any one of her three albums (Born to Die, Die for Me, Ultraviolence) a listen.

Sounds like "Wildest Dreams", "I Know Places"