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I Let My Roommate Pick Out My Outfit for a Week

Roommates Alexis Leira and Abby McAuliffe challenged themselves to pick each other’s outfits for an entire week! How well do these BRMFs (Best Roommates Forever) know each other?

*All photos taken by Lexi and Abby themselves*


Abby: To kick the week off, I picked out a pair of black jeans, a black tank top, and a lacy green kimono for Lexi to wear. I liked the fact that you can see the back of the tank top, which is a little bit sexy, through the lace. I wanted to match the outfit to Lexi’s aesthetic; I thought this would be something that she might wear, but that I hadn’t seen her in before.

Lexi: I only recently purchased the green kimono, so I’m still playing around with what I can wear it with. I really liked that the back looked kind of sexy since the top is weird in the back (I really don’t know how to describe it). I don’t wear these jeans too often, either, so it was nice to break them out of the closet. I liked that it was comfy, but still looked like I was a collected person. I also love it when a look has just a pop of color, so it was really cool to wear that outfit, especially since I love black even if I don’t wear it a lot.

Lexi: I knew we were both going to be at editorial night for Pub Club, so I figured since it was going to be a long day I’d go with something comfy.  I chose for Abby to wear leggings. I really liked the pattern on the leggings too, it was fun but not in-your-face. I thought the solid green shirt complimented it nicely. I also thought the green would look really nice on Abby, so that was the other main reason behind choosing that top. The black boots seemed to pull it all together!

Abby: I don’t often wear those legging and usually only do with one particular top, so I was interested to see what Lexi selected for me. I really liked the green shirt with them and the boots; it was comfortable and not too fussy, while still making me feel put together. I tend to dress up the shirt a little more and it was cool to see that it had more versatility than I had originally thought.


Abby: I found the skirt, seen here, in Lexi’s closet and realized I had never seen her wear it. This had to be changed, so I had her wear it on the warmest day this week. I then picked out the top I felt matched it the best and pulled it all together with Lexi’s glittery sandals. I like how the neckline of the top is special and the pattern on the skirt is unique. I am super proud of this look because of how adorable Lexi looks in clothes she owns, but doesn’t usually wear.

Lexi: Okay, so Abby officially won this day, and it was only our second day of doing this. I proclaimed this on my snapchat and everything, so it’s official. I really loved this outfit. The night before I was a bit nervous about how the shirt would look, just because it wasn’t one that I wore too often because I would usually try to pair that one, or a similar one I have in a different color, with jeans and sometimes I liked how it looked and other times the shirt just felt too baggy. I never thought to pair this top with a skirt, and I really think it came together perfectly. It looked really cute, especially with those shoes! I’m definitely wearing this outfit again in the spring, because the colors remind me of that season.

Lexi: Considering how warm it was on Tuesday, I decided to take full advantage of the nice weather when I chose the outfit. Knowing how much Abby loves birds, I chose this skirt because its print is a bunch of colorful little birds! While the skirt doesn’t have any orange on it, I thought it would still go nicely with the coral pinks and light blues of the birds, and it didn’t clash with the navy either. I paired it with a navy cardigan (not pictured) for when she’d be in the office. When I saw those sandals in her wardrobe I knew they’d be the perfect match for this outfit since they’re suited for warm weather and they’re casual but still classy.

Abby: I can be pretty set in my ways when it comes to skirt and shirt pairings. I absolutely hate buying clothes I never wear, so when I buy something like a skirt, I make myself come up with one top I could wear it with, but this can lead to me only wearing it with that one top. It was great to have Lexi break me out of that mold and pair the orange tank, which I normally wear with a striped skirt, with the bird skirt, which I typically pair with a green top. I would have never discovered this sweet combination without Lexi!


Abby: For Wednesday’s outfit I went for something a little edgier. Lexi hadn’t worn this crop top before, but it was clearly her style, so I paired it with her favorite ripped jeans. I love the juxtaposition of the floral with the dark and edgy and, as an added bonus, the top also shows off Lexi’s new navel piercing. I think the jean jacket helped make the outfit more casual and suited for both classes and the weather. I wanted to make sure that even though we were both pushing each other out of our comfort zones when it came it our own wardrobes that Lexi would still be comfortable, so I ran it by her first and had a back-up picked out. I am so glad that I didn’t have to use it because Lexi looks crazy hot!

Lexi: I told Abby that I wanted to look extra cute on this day, and she delivered! This was a top that I bought from another Emerson student last year, and I hadn’t worn it anywhere yet because I wasn’t a huge fan of how my stomach looked in it. Abby did pull out a back-up top in case I wasn’t totally comfortable with wearing a crop top to class, but I figured I’d still try it on. I actually really liked how it looked! Admittedly my navel piercing has given me more reason to love that area. Since I was wearing a jacket with the outfit, and considering that my hair is practically a curtain, I didn’t feel like I was overly exposing myself. I haven’t worn that jacket with those jeans yet either, since I’m usually not a huge fan of pairing denim with denim, but I think since the jeans were black they actually looked good together! Even looking at the picture now I think the outfit looks edgy and cute! Abby can basically pick all of my outfits now and I’ll probably be more than okay with it, tbh.

Lexi:  I saw the red jeans and I knew I’d want to use them in planning an outfit, but I was at a loss for what top to pair it with. So, I asked Abby what she usually wears for this kind of weather, because I’m from Miami and I forgot everything I learned about Boston weather last year. When she told me she might wear a short sleeve shirt and a jacket, and she gestured to the jackets in her closet her blue leather jacket immediately caught my eye and I hauled it out of there, rescuing it from jacket obscurity. Considering that the new Star Wars trailer was just dropped, the R2-D2 shirt seemed appropriate, and like it’d be a good conversation starter. I liked the look because it was like edgy-meets-geeky. I chose the converse because it didn’t seem warm enough to warrant boots with the jacket and the jeans, but sandals also didn’t feel like the right fit for the outfit.

Abby: The edgy geek look is one I aspire to, and only occasionally succeed in pulling off (usually I just end up with ‘geek’), but Lexi definitely has this look down! I loved the fact that she thought to put me in the R2-D2 shirt (especially since I got her to watch Star Wars for the first time last year!) The red jeans are a newer purchase for me and I really like it with this top and jacket; I’m very drawn to the red/blue contrast. The jacket pulls it all together and is handy to have when classrooms vary wildly in temperature; while the converse serve as a final reminder that I am a geek at heart.


Abby: When I was picking out clothes for Lexi, this blue top immediately caught my eye. I actually first used it as a back-up for Wednesday’s look, but I knew I wanted to have Lexi wear it before the week was done. It’s a really soft material and a lovely shade of blue. I paired it with simple black jeans and black combat boots. I was going for something simple, yet sophisticated and elegant, in a casual way. This color looks amazing on Lexi and she totally rocks this look!

Lexi: I usually don’t wear this shirt unless I’m wearing a certain pair of shorts that I usually pair with it, but I think it really looked good with the black jeans! While it can be annoying trying to make sure that it’s tucked evenly, it was a nice fall look, and I felt comfortable but confident!

Lexi: I love Abby’s grey jeans, so I chose those first when putting together the outfit. I knew she hadn’t worn that sweater yet since she purchased it recently, and it hasn’t exactly been sweater weather around here lately. And it looks great IMO! The maroon and grey looked good together, and the black boots were a nice touch.

Abby: I was really excited to wear my sweater and it was great to see what Lexi paired with it. The sweater was comfier than I thought and it was perfect for the weather. I think the grey jeans and the black boots work well together. I can definitely see myself wearing this to class this fall and winter!


Abby: I know that the ripped jeans are one of Lexi’s go-to pieces, so I decided to use them in another outfit. I love the color of this top and the sweater keeps everything weather-appropriate. The color palate here reminds me of fall. I love that Lexi matched her lipstick shade to the shirt! I think this look is the perfect mix of edgy, cute, and comfy to kick off the weekend.

Lexi: I really love those jeans because they’re comfy, but edgy. It was fun to play around with how to tuck in the shirt to make it look good, since leaving the shirt untucked while wearing the long sweater just made me feel like I was being eaten by fabric. I hadn’t put that sweater with this top before, and I think it looked really good together! Way to go, Abby! Thanks for making me look on point for five days in a row!

Lexi: I really liked the color of the top, and I thought it would look good on Abby. I chose the blue jeans in part so I could finally use her brown boots, because I think they’re super cute. While I was nervous about the denim jacket with the jeans being too much, I think it looks good with the outfit.

Abby: This sweater is very comfortable and perfect for layering. I like how my combat boots give it some edge and make things a little more interesting. I was also a little worried about the jacket, but it all worked once I had it on! Shout-out to my one and only BRMF Lexi for styling me so well! We’re totally doing this again!


Abby McAuliffe is a junior Writing, Literature, and Publishing major. In the future, she hopes to become an editor and science fiction author.
Senior at Emerson College. WLP: Publishing major. Double minoring in Latin American and Latinx Studies, and Marketing Communications. Aspiring managing editor. Bookworm (especially when it comes to YA). Disney Geek. Ravenclaw.
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