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How To Watch The Bachelor

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Emerson chapter.

We all have that one guilty pleasure reality show that we watch religiously. For most women, that show usually is The Bachelor and its spin-off The Bachelorette. There is so much that reels you in: the drama, the hilarity, wondering if you’re as crazy as these women, and staring at the gorgeous men. But for some of us, if you’re not obsessed, it’s hard to get into the drama. Here are some things you should know when you’re watching The Bachelor with your best friends.

Not all women are there “for the right reasons”, even if they say they are.

No matter what the women say, not all twenty women are there to find love. Some of them are there for their fifteen minutes of reality fame. Let’s face it, this show is probably easier to get on than Survivor. Some are there to be the next Bachelorette, not to fall in love with the current Bachelor.

These women are not that crazy.

Sure, you have to be a little insane to sign up to be isolated and live with nineteen other women in one house to all date the same man at once. But the reason why some women seem more crazy than others is because of how the producers want to edit the show. They can’t show everything that happens in the house in a two hour episode, so the team edits it to make certain women more interesting than others. You might not even see some of them until the episode before they don’t get a rose.

Each episode has a timespan of about three to four days.

Each episode isn’t a week long, it’s about three or four days. That means that the show is filmed for about seven weeks. The Bachelor (or Bachelorette) only has six or seven weeks to fall in love! No wonder most relationships don’t work out.

What does Chris Harrison even do?

Every reality competition show has a host. Think Jeff Probst from Survivor or Julie Chen from Big Brother. He might not do much besides tell everyone it’s the final rose of the night. But, he actually writes a blog after each episode and hosts the Tell All show before the finale and After the Final Rose. He even wrote a book. We still don’t really get the point of him hosting, but we all want his job.

Sometimes it might just work out.

We always keep watching because we love to see love happen before our eyes. And for the drama. But we love seeing couples like Sean and Catherine fall in love and finally get married. This is a strange way to find love, but when it happens we love it.

It probably isn’t the most dramatic season ever.

No matter how many times Chris Harrison tells us, it probably won’t be that dramatic. But either way, we will always keep watching.

Katelyn is a senior studying Marketing Communications and Journalism at Emerson College. She is involved with various marketing groups on campus and hopes to work in the entertainment or sports marketing industry. She spent a semester in Valencia, Spain and can be found at a Red Sox or Bruins game more often than not. You can find Katelyn on Twitter at @katelyngearan or @katelyn_gearan.
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