How to Stay Connected to Your Long Distance Besties

For those of us with friends all over the map, it gets a little difficult to stay in touch. It’s not easy to get on a plane and visit for the weekend. One, it’s pricey and, two, it seems impossible to find time to go. Although sometimes we can only see our friends a couple of times a year, there are still plenty of ways to stay connected and feel as if it hasn't been months at all!


Obviously, texting is a big part of keeping in touch, but the key to texting is that you have to be fully committed to responding and updating them on your life (I struggle with this). I have an awesome group of friends, but we are spread out around the country. Trying to get the five of us in one place, at the same time is a tad bit difficult. So we made a group chat!  We are always randomly updating the group on all kinds of things, like doctors appointments, whether we got into a school/program, or even when we bake something that came out pretty good. It’s a really good way to keep in touch when your hours away.


I know, so old fashion, but let me tell you, getting something in the mail is the most exciting thing ever. I am always sending cards for every occasion. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentines Day, you name it and I assure you the dollar store has it. Not only is it a lot of fun to write out cards to your besties, but it also shows them that you are thinking about them and that you really do care even if they are far far away.

Phone Call/FaceTime/Skype

Sometimes we just really need to vent, and it is so hard to vent over text message. There is just so much to say that typing it all out is exhausting. Calling up your bestie and venting for two hours is the best kind of therapy. Not only do you get to vent, but they get to vent too. It’s nice to see their face or hear their voice if it’s been awhile, and FaceTime is so much fun! It makes you feel like the person is right in front of you, which is second best to actually seeing them in person.


What better way to stay connected to your sister from another mister/ brother from another mother, then through obnoxious pictures. Snapchat streaks are great because once you get a streak going you feel obligated to keep it. Therefore, forcing your friends to talk to you via pictures. Every. Single. Dday. Priceless.

Plan a Trip

This is tricky sometimes because finding a date that works for everyone can be a tad bit difficult. If you plan ahead of time and set everything in stone, then all that's left to do is to look forward to your mini vacation with your bestie! Meeting halfway or alternating who comes to who works pretty well too. Visiting each other is a must when your long distance besties. Otherwise, you end up being a cyber friend, and no one wants that.

Just because you're thousands of miles away from each other does not mean you have to get disconnected. It just means you have to work a little harder to keep that friendship alive. Sometimes we can get caught up in this thing called life, and you can unintentionally go a long time without speaking. That’s normal, once you find the time to check in, they almost always understand and you pick up right where you left off! Even if you get too busy, and you can’t do any of the above suggestions, they are still your friend; they love you. “True friends are never apart, maybe in distance, but never in heart.” --Random Google quote.