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How to Spring Clean Your Makeup Bag

Think “spring” and perhaps the first thing that comes to your mind is the idea of spring cleaning. If you’ve never been too keen on the notion, let us introduce you to a type of spring cleaning that might seriously catch your attention. Sure, you can tidy up your desk, organize your closet or deep clean your apartment. However, your room isn’t the only thing you should be spring cleaning this season. Without a doubt those other things matter, but have you ever consider spring cleaning your makeup bag? 

You use the contents in your makeup bag frequently, if not daily, so why wouldn’t you make sure it’s squeaky clean and organized? Cleaning out your makeup bag can make a world of difference, especially if you haven’t done it in a while. Check out our tips below on how you can spring clean your makeup bag! 

1. Never wear it? Toss it.

You bought that outrageous neon pink lipstick for Halloween two years ago but you only wore it once. You’ve held onto it because “hey, you never know!”. Well, we do know, and you need to let it go. It might seem brutal, but if you’ve never worn a product before, and you’ve had it for a while, the odds are that you probably won’t ever wear it. Instead of bulking up your makeup bag or drawers, toss the products you’ve never used or don’t use anymore. If you don’t want to flat out throw an unused product away, sell it or give it to a friend who will use it. It’s difficult because you probably spent money on these products but this is a crucial first step in refreshing and reorganizing your makeup bag.

2. Clean brushes are happy brushes.

This is simple and a no-brainer. Really, you should be cleaning your brushes on a very regular basis. However, we’re guilty of skimping on cleaning our brushes, too, so it’s understandable if you haven’t given them a good cleaning in a long while. When you clean your brushes you’re doing your skin a favor since you won’t be spreading around germs or clogging up pores. Brush cleansers help to disinfect your makeup tools. Plus, cleaner bristles allow for a more flawless makeup application. Try e.l.f Studio’s Daily Brush Cleaner ($3) or MAC Cosmetic’s Brush Cleaner ($15). You’re using your brushes everyday, so just as you’d clean your clothes or wash your face, make sure you’re cleaning your brushes. 

3. Repair, or replace, what has been damaged.

You broke your eyeliner pencil- sharpen it. Your eyelash curler needs a new rubber topper- replace it. While you’ve tossed unused or old products, you need to keep an eye on the products you love but that are damaged. If you dropped your beloved Urban Decay NAKED 2 eyeshadow palette four months ago, causing a few colors to crumble and shatter, then it’s time for a little at-home DIY fixing. For this instance, check out LaurenConrad.com for tips on how to fix smashed eyeshadow. Similar tips can be found on Pinterest for almost any makeup mishap you might have. If it’s a product you love and care about and can be repaired with an easy fix then do it! No need to waste money or something that is perfectly fixable. 

4. Treat yourself (you deserve it!)

Spring cleaning isn’t just about throwing away or polishing up, it is also an opportunity for renewal. If you’ve had your eye on a certain makeup product or tool for a while, then treat yourself and go buy it. Makeup can be outrageously expensive, but if it’s a product you just can’t stop thinking about, then go get it. Because nothing bums us out more than buying three $10 drugstore foundations and finding out we don’t like them. Go out and buy that $28 foundation you know you love. Keep in mind that we aren’t advocating a senseless makeup shopping spree. Do some research before you purchase and make sure it’s going to be something worthwhile to add to your makeup collection. 

5. The bag matters, too!

You have two options: give your current makeup bag a nice cleaning or invest in a new one. Storing your makeup in one pouch or container is great for organization and for keeping all your stuff together. However, it’s also inevitable that whatever you store your makeup in will get dirty and stained. Whether you accidently spill some foundation in your bag or smear black eyeliner along the bottom, little accidents happen. Try cleaning our your bag or container with a makeup wipe. If it solves the problem then great, it’s not necessary to buy a new one! If the bag is still messy or if it is unable to be cleaned, then don’t feel guilty about investing in a new one. Similar to the previous tip, it’s okay to treat yourself to something that you use pretty constantly. 


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