How Not to Be *That* Tourist When You Travel

It can be difficult, sometimes, to remember that when you travel to a different country, there can be certain behaviour that is expected, behaviour that differs from that of your own culture or usual surroundings. Obviously, no one wants to come across as the loud, obnoxious, disruptive tourist. So here are some tips to prevent yourself from becoming just that!

Waving Your Phone In the Air Like You Just Don’t Care

It’s become quite common and even expected for people to digitally document any part of their lives that they see fit to share with the world, up to and including their trips and travels. But when you’re holding up the tour group because you have to get that perfect picture, or you’re loudly live streaming your reaction to how small the Mona Lisa actually is, you become more of a nuisance than anything else. Make sure you take the time to just enjoy the view, and put your phone down for a few minutes! Both the others around you and probably you as well will appreciate it.

Hand Gestures Can Only Take You So Far

Most countries take the time to teach both their native language as well as English. Now, no one is saying that you should learn an entire language before you visit a different country, but learning a few common phrases isn’t hard, and it can be a huge help to both you as well as anyone you may attempt to converse with during your trip abroad. Phrases like “Where is…” or “How much?” or “Thank you” as well as basic words like hello, goodbye, please, and more can all help to make your experience abroad that much better.

Clean Up After Yourself

Plenty of public areas like museums, parks, monuments, etc. all usually have an abundant amount of signs that ask people not to leave their trash lying about. And somehow people still ignore them. Don’t be one of them. There’s no reason you can’t pick your garbage up and throw it away in the trash can that’s literally ten feet away. It doesn’t matter if it’s something small or seemingly insignificant, get up and toss it. Littering isn’t cool. 

No One’s Saying Your Outfit Isn’t Cute, It’s Just Not Appropriate

This one doesn’t necessarily apply to all countries, as some countries are just as chill as America about how you’re dressed. However, there are some cultures in which it is seen as disrespectful to show up in a short skirt and a midriff or shoulder-baring top, and it can make some people uncomfortable, which is not what you want to do as a visitor in a foreign country. Do some research before you visit somewhere that may have these rules in place, unspoken or not, and plan accordingly. Bring an outfit or two that is a bit less revealing, or pack a scarf to cover your shoulders with and a long skirt to cover your legs.

Follow these tips and you should have a perfectly wonderful trip abroad! Safe travels!