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How To Get Into a Class Mindset While Using Zoom

Let’s face it:  having class over Zoom is nobody’s first choice. Technical problems can arise, it does not even feel like “real” class usually, and sometimes it’s hard to feel as though you are in a classroom setting. However, for the time being, this is our new normal. So here are some quick tips and tricks to get into the classroom mindset while attending virtual classes.

Set Up a Designated Space to Work

As tempting as it may sound to attend Zoom meetings in bed, this is one of the biggest ways to sabotage your learning experience. The mind associates your bed with things such as sleep and relaxation, not with work and learning. Setting up an alternative area where you can sit up and focus on the task at hand is the first step of reclaiming your studious and attentive mindset.

Take Off Your Pajamas

I know, I know. PJs are comfortable, and nobody is going to see you out in public anyway, right? Well, this is similar to how your brain associates your bed with sleep. When you stay in your PJs all day, most likely you will not be as productive as if you actually get up, change, and brush your hair out a bit. This is not to say “in order to  be productive you need to  put on a button-down and pressed slacks.” Even if you change from pajama bottoms to new sweatpants or leggings. It is more the act of putting on a new outfit to establish the change of pace and activity. 

Avoid Other Distractions

We are all guilty of zoning out or checking an alternative media while being on a Zoom call. It is something that we sometimes just can’t help, especially since nobody knows what you’re doing. However, even though Zoom classes aren’t traditional, sometimes can drone on, or just have a weird set up, checking your social media, and texting with friends can a) cause you to miss important information and b) make the whole environment feel less professional.  If you were in a Zoom call with your boss for work, most likely you wouldn’t be texting or scrolling through Insta. Treat it (as best as you can)  the way you would treat an in-person class or a job meeting. 

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