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How to Get Ahead and Start Preparing for Finals

Even though finals are three weeks away, you’d be surprised how time flies. With the hectic semester coming to an end, we are all ready to pack up, go home and begin our summer. Make this last stretch of the semester easier for you and don’t leave final exam preparation to the last minute. Use these steps to get ahead and start preparing for finals.

Look through your notes

Take a few minutes to read through all your notes you’re going to be tested on. By reading through your notes, the sections or topics that were confusing to you throughout the semester will stick out. By knowing what is confusing early on, you can ask your professor to clarify or you can devote more study time to those topics.

Make a schedule

A study schedule will keep you organized and on track. Write down what days you want to devote to each subject. You can even divide your schedule by topics within your courses. If you write down “Monday, spend 1 hour on biology,” then on Monday you won’t be confused on where to begin!

Meet with your professor

Professors always encourage meeting outside of class because it shows you are going the extra mile. Even if it is just to touch base on how you think you are doing in the class, it will show you care. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to go over topics from the classes that were confusing to you.

Ask for help when needed

Your classmates are some of your best resources when it comes to studying. Ask a friend in class about a confusing term, or ask a few people if they want to form a study group. It’s likely that someone will know the answer to your question. You can also go to your professor’s office hours; that what office hours are for! Who better to ask than the professor? This will show you are working hard and trying to get a head start.

Pick a study environment

It’s important to know where you study best. Whether it is your bedroom, the library or in a coffee shop, decide on a study atmosphere that works best for you. Wherever you feel there is minimal distraction is where you should be.

Stay healthy

There is nothing worse than being sick during finals, so keep healthy before! Drink lots of water throughout the day, eat healthy, and, most importantly, get enough sleep. Not only will doing these things keep you physically healthy, but mentally healthy as well. Also, get some exercise! Go for a run every few days, go on the elliptical at the gym, do an at-home yoga video—anything that will keep you healthy and alert. Remember to give yourself breaks also. You don’t want to over do it and burn yourself out.

Go to review sessions

Take advantage of review sessions if they are available. Some professors offer quick review sessions where students can ask questions on topics they are confused about, but sometimes a group of students meet up for a review session. It’s important to know what topics to focus on and what other people have to say about them.

Make finals easier on yourself and start preparing early. Leaving studying to a day or two before will not only stress you out but also will possibly jeopardize how you do on the exam. So start organizing and get ahead!

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