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How to Bring Spring Early to Your Dorm Room

With storm after storm hitting the Boston area, we’re starting to wonder if spring will ever arrive! But just because spring may not arrive early outside, that doesn’t mean it can’t arrive early in your dorm room. Here are a few ways to make your space shine a little bit brighter in these chilly last days of winter!

1. Add fresh flowers

Fresh flowers are the easiest way to brighten up any area of your room! All it takes is a bouquet in a vase, or you could go all out and do large, intricate arrangements. Whatever suits your budget.

2. Use bright linens

When winter arrived, we dimmed down our color palette and added dark, warmer shades to fit the season. However, those colors can get old fast! Change out your dark bedding and linens and add something a bit more colorful. Even if it is just a blanket or pillow, it makes all the difference! As long as it spices up your room and makes it feel like the sun is shining!


3. Switch out holiday decor and add some DIY spring organizers

Use those days when you’re stuck inside or just don’t want to deal with the snowy streets to switch out the old for the new. Take down any holiday decor you may have left and switch it up with some DIY creations for your desk or bed. Even taking used toilet paper rolls and wrapping bright, colorful paper around it to make a new makeup brush holder or a penholder for your desk will change everything! Bethany Mota and other YouTubers have great ideas for DIY creations, and so does Tumblr. Keep a look out and try it. It’s easy and an inexpensive way to decorate! 

Bethany Mota: https://www.youtube.com/user/Macbarbie07

Belinda Selene: https://www.youtube.com/user/MissBel01xox

4. Apply fresh fragrances

Move over gingerbread cookie, and say hello to peach bellini! Switch out your holiday candles and add something that is fresh and floral! Bath and Body Works comes out with the best seasonal candles. Now, candles are not allowed in the dorm rooms, so another option to avoid breaking the rules is to get a great room spray! Most places have this alternative in their candle fragrances for those who don’t want to play with fire!

Say goodbye to any sign of winter and welcome in spring with open arms! Maybe it will come sooner than we think!

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