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Hats Off to a New Semester: Stylish Hats You Can Wear Now

Cue the Wizards of Waverly Place throwback! (Emerson alum Todd J. Greenwald created this show, which makes it even better). Winter is in full swing and it’s time for crazy, funky, STYLISH hats. After winter storm Juno, I think everyone could use a new hat to help stay warm and hide a bad hair day or two. Here are my top picks:

H&M, $24.95 

Topshop, $22

Forever 21, $3.80

Forever 21, $5

Topshop, $52

Urban Outfitters, $39

Urban Outfitters, $29


Hats off to a new semester! 

Bitsy Skerry is a freshman at Emerson College majoring in Marketing Communication. She loves all things fashion and has a personal style blog, Bits of Style (www.bits-of-style.blogspot.com). Her style icon is Audrey Hepburn and her favorite movie is The Devil Wears Prada. Bitsy plans to work in the fashion industry.
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