Fall Shoe Style


Now that it’s getting colder out, I think it is extremely important that we go over something. Shoes! Fall in the northeast, as some western and southern girls are quickly discovering, isn’t exactly prime flip-flop weather. JK. It’s terrible summer-shoe weather. So if it’s too cold to wear those super cute thong sandals you got at the mall before you left for the beautiful state of MA, then what can you wear? Let me help you out. So, on average, fall weather here is around 60 degrees Fahrenheit. If you add that to the wind and rain, let me give you a newsflash. THAT IS COLD! I recommend wearing shoes that cover most if not your entire foot, especially when you’re prancing around at night time. Also, you’re going to want some traction at the sole of the shoe. Wouldn’t want to fall now would you? Didn’t think so. Alright, sweetie, let’s go through the options. We’re going to focus on three categories: heels, flats, and boots, but mainly the latter because boots are ideal for the season of fall.

                  For heels, I think your best bet is one that reaches above the ankle. This way, you will be able to cover up more of your skin during this chilly weather while still looking super cute. Height-wise, you should be alright still with those crazy huge ones, but not for much longer. Weather gets slippery here and you wouldn’t want to break an ankle, or your shoe, if you were to step the wrong way on some wet surface. Trust me. It’s not pretty. Also, you want to be careful about heels with dainty fabric on the outside. These shoes will get wet and if you don’t have a waterproof spray, you need to either buy some or use that self-discipline to resist. Save those for another time. My recommendation? Maybe a pair like this:

This first shoe is nice because it covers most of the foot, it is from Payless (LOVE) and has the heel we all know and love (3.5” in this case).  This is a more casual shoe because it is hard to find a great heel or pump that is good for this colder weather. My personal recommendation would be:

This lovely heel is also from Payless. Although it is a more delicate material, it has a rubber sole, covers most of the foot, has inner padding and they’re adorable!

Now let’s switch to flats. Recently, I’ve noticed a ton of girls wearing Toms. So naturally, I looked them up and started reading people’s feedback. One woman said “I don't know why I didn't order a pair sooner - they are as soft as walking on marshmallows, as breathable as wearing flip flops and are blister-free even on day 1!”

Sounds nice doesn’t it? Of course it does! These shoes are super comfy plus they have a full rubber sole for durability, flexibility, and resilience.  Also, they come in literally every color and pattern you could ever imagine so you don’t need to worry about everyone having the same shoe. Check them out!

And last but not least, as well as my personal fall favorite, boots! Boots are fabulous for fall because they come in all different shapes, can be casual or fancy and you can get the best of both worlds by getting one with a heel, which is kind of like my first heel recommendation. Anyways, let’s get started.

Want to know what boots girls at Emerson are wearing? Well here you are, dear.

Sperry’s from Macy’s! These are perfect for outdoor weather. Super durable, plenty of traction and super comfortable!

Brown ankle boots from Marshalls!

Green boots from Aldo!


Come on girls - don’t let fall trip you up!